5 Interesting Facts

The good Strawberry Linden/Singh just celebrated her first anniversary as LL employee and made this interesting list:

5 Interesting facts I’ve picked up as a Linden Employee:

  1. When we talk about the community and call them Residents, we always capitalize Residents. I’ve been told it’s a form of respect. Same rule applies when we say Merchants or Content Creators.
  2. We call them regions, not sims. Regions run on simulators and if you call them sims then Patch Linden will yell at you. Sometimes I call them sims on purpose so Patch Linden can yell at me, because my crush on Patch is still very active.
  3. We have a Tao of Linden, that I do my best to follow. The Tao of Linden was created at the very beginning of Linden Lab, and it continues to be our guiding principles to this day.
  4. Linden Lab employees are some of the most helpful and genuinely kind. Anytime I am stuck or need help understanding or doing anything, I can reach out to anyone in the company and they will jump right in to help me out. I love working with them.
  5. Linden Lab, not Linden Labs! There is no ‘S’ which I already knew from before, but thought I should share since it is often misspelled.
  1. It’s also grammatically correct to capitalize the name ‘Resident’.
  2. Patchyboy ain’t our concern so we stick to the wrong but easy to write ‘sim’.
  3. And you’re not telling us what said tao incorporates?
  4. Helpul for you, a work colleague, maybe. Not much of a help for the customers.
  5. Oh yes. Good Point! I’m getting angry to the point of exploding when some stupids call it Linden Labs – as if there would be more than just the one Linden Lab (which is plenty enough if you ask me. The planet couldn’t handle 2 LLs!)

Best wishes and congratulation from this blog bureau, Berry. Long my you go on bringing stylish sexyness into SL.

Looksie here, me found LL’s legendary Tao:


The Tao of Linden was created at the very beginning of Linden Lab, and it continues to be our guiding principles to this day.

Respect Everyone

Say, “Good morning!” Be passionate and civil. Disagree respectfully. Don’t say anything about someone you wouldn’t say to them. Have empathy for the amazing people who use our products. View our worlds through their eyes.

Assume Good Intent

Trust each other and be trustworthy.

Teams are Stronger than Individuals

No one person can do it all. We all bring different value to our work.

Diverse Teams are Even Stronger

Value different perspectives, different points of view. Value everyone’s different life experiences, and the different paths we all took to get here. We will make better decisions, better products, and better lives.

Own Your Success and Your Failures

Celebrate our wins. Learn from our losses. If you don’t fail sometimes you aren’t really trying.

Disagree and Commit

Have strong opinions. Defend your ideas. Then make a decision. Once we make a decision, even if it didn’t go your way, own it. Let go of your baggage and start marching in the direction of everyone else.

Be humble in the face of our awe inspiring world

What we do is too big, too complicated for any one person to hold in their head. There are more wonders out there than any one person can imagine. Our creators will build worlds we could never have anticipated. Our coworkers will invent things that would have never occurred to us. Be open to all of the possibilities.

The Answers Are Outside

Test. Experiment. Learn. Challenge your preconceived notions. Check conventional wisdom, especially your own. You will not find the answers to your questions in a conference room.

Pass on what you have learned

Shout your discoveries from the rooftops. Teach everyone around you. Mentor and be mentored. Help others use what you know.

Make change on a global scale

Our work brings people together, builds communities. Our work helps people understand who they are, helps them be better. Our work brings empathy, helps people see the world through others’ eyes. Settle for nothing less than changing the world for the better.

As usual with our fine supplier of super fancy server space it’s just a lotta waffle.

The Tao of Linden, edited betterer version:

And now go read Berry’s article and congratulate her in the comments.

… Berry’s, not mine FFS!  😐


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