Prison: Day 20

Whoa! One day short of completing 3 weeks of quarantine/curfew/lockdown and what can I tell you, you don’t already know? I guess you’re all in similar situations right now, so my oversharing stories from jail are nothing out of the ordinary for nobody, right? Time galore, but not in any mood to use it effectively, slowly finding out how shitty Netflix and Hollywood are as ersatz for real life, being always tired despite of spending as much time in bed as never before in our lifes.

It’s a strange time, a very weird time. Doesn’t look like it, doesn’t look any different from any other weekend spent at home during a rainstorm or blizzard or so. But it is!

It’s very very different.

Without wanting to sound like a hysterical housewife, people, we’re fighting for the survival of the species!

Let’s just think a bit negative for a moment and ask the unthinkable question:

What if?

Ya, what if the scientists fail? What if they can’t find a cure, can’t find a vaccine, can’t find a pre-emptive medicine? What will happen when the last one of scientists croaks before they are finished, before new people are up to scratch to take over from the old team?

What when the manufacturing industry, when the agricultural industry, what when the water treatment and sewage works fail? Do we have enough survivors to operate the oil refineries, the power plants, nuclear and otherwise? And who will man the breweries???

As we’ve just learned in the past couple weeks, our gov’mts – left and right of the Atlantic, above and below the equator –  are weak and stupid. We can’t trust them to have plans, we can’t trust them to have emergency contingencies. :/ Heck, I’m not even sure if I’m able to respect and acknowledge any of the gov’mts recently in power.

They failed. They failed us!

I’m more and more sure that at least my German gov’mt, Merkel and her garden gnome ministers, have lost all my respect. Merkel in particular was always under scrutiny in my eyes. Now she doesn’t need to report back to duty anyway. I’m quite sure nothing she can do from now on will have any consequence on my life. I’m done with that bitch. Same as the superduper inept idiot Trump and all the other world leaders. Maybe with the exception of China, some other, smaller Asian countries, and Russia.

The story of COVID-19 in China (Bestest propaganda ever! Amazing!):

Embedded video



    • Of course they won’t, Neil. That’s why I’m sceptical when politicians (most stupid human beings alive) are talking about ending the lockdown soon. We’re only in the starting phase of the pandemic. The wurst is still to come, and those schmucks wanna re-introduce it into the populace. 😮


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