Second Life Destinations – Religion and Spiritual Places

While out there in the meat world people are saying Second Life is nothing but a sinful place for online pixel porn and all sorts of perversions (which is mostly true), our little virtual world still has some surprises and practical solutions in store. For example to cover for spiritual needs of all creeds and religions. A really useful service, particularly in times of pandemic lockdowns:

As health officials continue to warn against public gatherings amidst the current coronavirus outbreak, many people are seeking out online outlets that can serve as an adequate substitute for their in-person religious services and spiritual communities.
Many are flocking to the virtual world Second Life, which is already home to many thriving religious and spiritual online communities that help people connect with others who share the same values and beliefs. In Second Life, the sense of presence is just much more powerful because of it being an actual place where communities can feel togetherness on a much deeper level than in other online platforms.
This week’s “Second Life Destinations” video explores a good cross-section of the many places of worship and communities that span across all spiritual and religious denominations. In Second Life, you’ll find a diverse range of representations including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism and even some free-form places of spirituality like Wicca.
Among the virtual world locations featured in this video are:
Dornoch Cathedral, Scotland
Ross Mosque
Buddha Center
The Monastery
House of Prayer Church
Ganesh Temple & Gardens
St. George Orthodox Christian Church
Kingdom of Nubia
Israel Island
Temple Beth Chayei Olam
CREDITS: Video production: Draxtor Despres

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