Last Names Are Back!


Hey fellow Secondlifers!

Good news for newcomers to SL, so people, born in or after 2009, everybody belonging to the gigantic “Resident” family clan: LL finally seems to have finished the Last Name function. Ya, took them only about 1,000 years to give us back a function SL once already had … until they killed it off in 09 and since 11 were trying but unable to bring it back. :/




Anyway, we all know what a clueless company with totally inept employees LL truly is, so let’s not talk about that any longer but join in the celebration of the compromised rebirth of something old. And let’s party as if they developed something excitingly new and scifi-like.

In order to do so I’m just gonna reblog posts by technically much better versed bloggers:

Jo Yardley makes the beginning:

The new last names are quite illustrious, no?

Oh my, you can even choose Resident. Wildly creative!

I have quite some ideas what to do with those names. No, not what you think! I don’t let everything slip into my behind. 😮 As a Linux fangurl something like the Vanilla name is handy I guess. So if I’d make a new alt for me I’d name her ArchLinux Vanilla, or btwIuseArch Vanilla. Or, look, Peppermint is also there. My new name would be NeverUse Peppermint. Or for inhabitants of the new continent, they can identify as Belliserian. But my favourite must be Banana, just coz I love bananas.

Next up is Inara:

Choice for Premiums!

Typical for Inara’s diligence, she even made a tutorial about how you can get your new name, for when the Lindens caught you griefing and your avie must make off across the Mexican border in all due haste. 😐

It will cost you 50 RL British woolongs tho! 😮
Fiesta Mexicana! Cya on the flipside, 😉


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