Prison: Day 18 (I Guess)

Hell-oh my dear imprisoned comrades!

Communists! 😮

Day today starting quite nice. It rained more less the whole night through. Yes, I know, we usally don’t like rain but if you’d followed this blog for a while you’ll know that we had some serious droughts the last couple summers here at the cape, and the rainy seasons weren’t really yieldingly enough to supply the dams with enough fresh water. So nowadays we welcome every drop of fresh rainy water.

The wurst: Left-leaning libertarian. :/

Particularly now, that we spend all the time inside the house, there could be a massive rain flood out there, for all I care.

About to meet with Bernie. 😮

Another positive about being in confinement is that we don’t need to wear those stupid facemasks so often. Don’t get me wrong, I guess I look quite sexy in mine but they are sticky and hot and sweaty. 😦

AOC fan. 😦
Ultra left terrorist. 😦

And that’s a nice segway that brings me to all the conspiracy theorists and tinfoil hat wearers: No, our gov’mts don’t use the pandemic to reduce our civil rights. It’s not a secret revolution from top down. I mean, yes, of course it is but more about that later. It would be stupid to start taking human rights away from your population by encouraging us to masquerade like B-grade bank robbers, no? By giving us totally legit ways to fuk with face recognition cameras n shit. Wouldn’t it?

Workers. :/ Might be unionists demanding “fair pay” or sumsuch nonsense. 😐 Look at those shifty eyes.

Because that is what they don’t want! Spending quadrillions on seamless camera surveillance, and rendering it useless at the same time? That would be pretty stupid home secretaries and ministers of the interior. Wouldn’t they, hampering with their own toys?

What’s in the bag? What’s in the fuckin’ baaag???
Thinking they are so clever, escaping facial recognition. 🙂

But yes, you’re also correct, dear paranoids. Of course they want to control us even more, snipping away from our human rights bit by bit. But not as blunt as that, not entirely. They operate more subtle. They are using the pandemic, when everybody’s minds are distracted, even their fellow politicians confined to their homes for the most part.

Secret meeting of communist party! 😮
Bank robbers. 😦

They use this time to push highly conroversial new laws through parliaments and congresses and whatever the things are called in your respective countries. They call for nightly congress gatherings when the opposition is  sleeping, to bring in all those proto-fascist laws for more power for the police forces, more power in the hands of less people, a slowly crouching path into fascism.

Future terrorist death squad cadres in training. Don’t trust them!
Highly suspicious!!!

And fascism is, and always was, every politicians wet dream. It’s what they’re after, it’s what they’d do if there wasn’t this annoying democracy thing. We hear it in the news every day, we read it in the papers media gov’mt propaganda outlets. They are onto us, and the fukn coronavirus is their golden opportunity. 😦

“Hello Ki… oh!”



  1. Definitely, any crisis is an opportunity for the power-hungry or those eager to exercise more control over this-or-that-group in the population, or all of it.

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    • Yes, deffo. And they’re coming out of their rat holes already. In Germany even the oldold, forgotten ex-minister Schäuble just resurfaced and made some proto-fascist proposals for more population control. 😦

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