As easy to chant as USA! USA! USA! 🙂

Uhm … ok, I understand now why Trump don’t like China and resorts to hijacking and privateering. 😉

Face it Donnie boy, the western century is over. And, boy, did we make a mess of it. Now it’s the Asian century. Let’s give ’em a chance to fuk it up as  badly as we did. For now it all looks kinda dandy, as many Sino-Asian countries are only slowly recovering from the damages of western colonialism and starting to grow and show their full potential.

Let them have their time. Sooner or later, as experience shows, they will become rich and lazy and wither away like Japan already does. Now all the tigers, and big momma China, are having their turn.

Orca, for herself, has made peace with China and enjoys the joys only Lenovo’s ThinkPads and ThinkCentres can give you. They the best! And so is China. For now. 😉

Map of China
Better cozy up with the names and larn how to pronounce them.



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