Prison: Days 15, 16 + 17

Oooh guys, slowly the self-isolation and quarantine are getting to me. Still thinking this all ain’t a problem and we’re truly enjoying the quiet environment and alone time but my mind and body are becoming mushy, weak and spongy. 😦

For day 15 of this diary I could’ve used two blogstories as segues into my diary entry but wasn’t alert enough to notice. And yesterday I couldn’t think of anything to scribble down. Fortunately hubby found this nice little meme to illustrate today’s – day 17 – entry. It’s about personal distancing and the way our fascist regimes are taking care of us complying to it:


I would love to 🙂 but since the RL situation is indeed kinda dire I’m gonna comment it with a 😐

I’ve decided for another jailbreak today. As early as possible I’ll drive to the local shopping mall again to get some meds for hubby and then to the veggies and meats market for foodstuffz and  lotz of cake!!!

Fukn husband just reminded me of his craving for something sweet – like I’m not sweet enough anymore for that blabering idiot. :/ But he’s kinda right, you know. Now he got me infected. Not with COVID-19 but with an insatiable hunger for cheesecake and sweet crossbuns and melktart n shit like that. Oh yummy, can’t wait for breakfast. 😉

I hope the drive out will cleanse spirit and mind and make me whole again. 😉

Stay healthy, stay hygienically clean, stay frosty, stay lovely


Oh, and happy easter m’dears xo


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