“A Failed State”

Hmm, reminds me of the heyday of high seas piracy and all the noble privateers. Weird that the mostest modernest country on earth still needs to use such outdated methods to do its crime.

Oh, that also reminds me of the disappeared medical facemasks of the Berlin police. It was thought the stupid guys lost the masks somewhere and the Berlin mayor had to apologize to America. Even always critical Orca felt ashamed for being a Gerwoman.

Well … the masks have been found. And you’ll never guess where:

In the fukn USA!!!

The gist: Senator for internals criticed USA. USA said “Wasn’t us. You must apologize!” Mayor of Berlin apologizes.

Now masks are found in America. Ordered and paid for by Berlin – ended up in America.


Sure. 😉

Germany’s new plan of action: Direct flights to and from China, no middlemen, no freight forwaders anymore. Can’t trust no-one in these times. And least trustworthy is – as usual – the United States of America. 😦

Oh, and what happens to corrupt criminals in China is no secret:

China police will avenge German police!

Enjoy your facemasks.

BTW: Your trusty blogbishie couldn’t refuse any longer. When all the kool kidz and their parents and grannies are doing it, she won’t stay behind and be unfashionable.

Orca’s very own medical facemask!

Imagine that: Operating on the world’s most modern and fashionable Linux OS but not even wearing a facemask at the grocers while she sneezes into the salad? No, nay, never!!!


One comment

  1. I read that one mega-order of masks from China were all moldy. We create the black market and xss are surprised when we get burned???

    Of course, this is the same leadership that told states “the federal reserve of PPE isn’t for you, it’s for us.” Who the hell is “us”??

    I haven’t seen anything from your about dotard deciding the US has rights to mine the moon for minerals, and to decide who else can.

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