Two More Weeks

It’s official now.

Yay! or Nay! doesn’t matter now. Two more weeks in lockdown is now offical and was told to us by president Cyril Ramaphosa. In the same speach he also announced a 1/3 paycut for himself, lots of top, gov’mt positions and on provincial level too.

That’s nice I suppose. No idea if all the laid off workers will benefit from those measures or if they are nothing but virtue signalling.

Anyhoo, we’re all in it together and live through it together as well.

Ahem, sorry for being a meaniepooface now but that obviously also means 2 more weeks of uninterrupted electricity supply and 50/50 glorious fibre internet. \o/



    • Yes, of course they will. Even if they can’t afford it. Gov’mt has made fantastilions of Woololongs available for unemployed people and suffering businesses but SA is a poor country so they can’t do that neither for much longer.
      At least we’re not stuck in a debilitating trade war with China but in a commercial alliance so I guess they will give SA cheap credit or sumfink.


      • I’m still jealous that people are getting substantially larger unemployment checks for substantially longer than I did. But there’s no help at all if you were already unemployed. I’m extremely lucky to have paid off my house and car but I still have high bills for property taxes, health in insurance, home insurance, meds, medical copay, utilities, etc…. with no source of future income in sight.

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        • “health in insurance … medical copay”
          Those two terms aren’t supposed to appear in one and the same sentence. When you’re sick you’re sick and need help. What you don’t need are monetary sorrows. :/
          FFS America, get your fukn act together!


          • Agreed.
            Insurance here covers “80% of reasonable and customary charges” for in-network docs. So if I have something done and the doc bills $1000, but insurance feels $500 is normal, they pay 80% of $500 and I pay the remaining $600. If it was out of network, i could have to pay the whole thing. And that’s after my $221/mo cost for insurance!! There are cheaper plans but the also cover less. Great for young & healthy peeps but, for me, more expensive in the long run.

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            • “Great for young & healthy peeps but, for me, more expensive in the long run.”
              Butbut but … that’s the initial idea of insurances, of any kind of insurance no? The employed and employers paying for the unemployed, the reasonable drivers are paying car insurance for the risky young uns, the healthy are paying for the sick. It’s a solidarity system, has nothing to do with socialism but comes natural for a developed society.


          • Oh… and there’s a copay for each visit or seevice… $15 to $100, depending on what it is.

            Aannnd… surgeries are a total racket. The hospital, doc, and anesthesiologist each bill you separately. It’s not uncommon to pick your doc & hospital so they’re in network but you can’t select your anesthesiologist and when the bill arrives you learn they’re out of network and expensive.

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            • As an insured citizen – I’m family insured as wife of my hubby since I’m not working anymore – it’s not my concern nor business to think about such stuff or even know how much everything costs. When I’m sick my sole concern, my only job consists of getting healthy again, so I can start with rehabilitation cures as soon as possible.
              As I said, this might sound like we Eurotrash are just spoiled when in reality we’re paying for it all with our social insurance fees.
              So when you’re young and healthy you might waste a lot of money on the old and sick … but don’t forget you might become old and sick one day, too. In the end it all evens out.

              Best example: My sister and hubby’s parents, all croaked in their late 50s already. They paid all the social insurance fees without ever benefitting from the system. 😦 Bad deal for them, good deal for society. :/


              • Yeah… that’s a fair system.

                One other torture, in some places you’re no allowed to include medical bills in filing bankruptcy. Got in an accident, needed extreme measures and rehab totalling $250k after insurance?? Tooo f-ing bad!!!

                Even when it is allowed, parents will divorce over a sick kid… not due to the stress but because that way 1 can go into debt while the other’s money can’t be touched and is used to pay normal costs of life.

                If you have a REALLY sick kid, say one with hemophilia who’s med costs $1200-2400 per day, you get to learn about “lifetime cap”. When the entire family’s LIFETIME med bills reach $3M (3-7 yrs of the kid’s lifesaving med), the entire family loses insurance for life!! (al #s based on 2000 figures, when I worked in that industry; pre ACA/ObamaCare… which dotard keeps stripping away).

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