The Upside of Lockdown

… is not just ramped up interwebz speedz but also a steady electricity supply without load shedding measures. Look:

My heroes! 🙂

“selfless professionalism and dedication”

Hey fukkaz, that’s your job … and in 99% of all countries it’s daily routine and just normal. And you expect some standing ovations from us? Need some more bilions to bolster the pockets of your upper echelon managers?

Thank you RocketNet. That’s what we wanna see! 🙂




  1. I saw that, yesterday or the day before, Hollywood had the least air pollutiont of any developed city in the world. It’s only cause we had rain but I’ll take it.

    I think of you every time my internet slows or a site/page doesn’t respond… which is frequently.

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    • Aloha! Oh my, I can’t even tell you how sick and tired I am of all the stuff that goes wrong in America. You invented the fukn interwebz ffs! How you’re not all on fibre, from the littlest hamlet in the Lousiana swamps to the most deserted desert gold digger village in Arizona, escapes me. Rolling out fibre is cheap and quickly done and doesn’t cause any trubbelz once you’re connected. And the running costs are even cheaper in the long run, so we’re not paying more now than we did on ADSL. And as experience shows, it can only become cheaper once the fibre companies have made their money back and the price wars are starting.


      • I’m not on fiber cause it’s only offered by Verizon (even though monopolies are supposed to be illegal) and I’ve sworn to NEVER do business with them again.

        My current, grossly overpriced, internet offers up to 200Mbps speed but my router only handles 40. I’ve considered applying for the financial aid pkg but that’s only 10Mbps and I’m already having trouble with timeouts.

        I just checked FiOS and the basic pkg is 200Mbps. The gig plan is $90/mo, plus whatever I’d have to spend on router, etc.

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        • Hm, we always found 10Mbps plenty fast enuff for all our needs, as it shows YT videos without buffering. Now on fibre we choose one better, the 20/20 plan, which is brilliant. Both machines get full speed independently, don’t need to share.

          BTW, no shortage of a free market on these sunny shores:

          Reps of a buncha ISPs even camped out in our complex for a busy business day.

          Of course the temporary 50/50, we got during the lockdown, is even betterer and I gotta work hubby into agreeing that we have to keep it. Fastest fibre speed right now is 100 Mbps. I guess this will go up in the future.
          Router and ONT and installation came free of charge if we stick with RocketNet for 1 year. After that we can cancel and switch to other ISPs on a monthly basis. They took out a lot of the hassle we had with ADSL contracts. They were hard to compare while fibre is always uncapped and unfiltered. You get what you pay for, no matter what. I guess not even the fascist American ISPs can fuk that up. That’s why none of your ISP’s even touch fibre. It’s too fair for the consumer. 😦


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