You Black?

You good as dead, nigga! 😮

Ah ok, has nothing to do with skin colour but more with being poor, overweight, in bad health, underprivileged blue collar worker …

Q: OMG, how could that shit happen, such social disparity?





    • Hi Eric,
      thx for writing in but I can assure you I’m far from being a hater. Just a sarcastic realist. I know that’s often misunderstood by Americans. I know ‘hater’ has a totally different, more theatralic dramaqueenish meaning in America than in the real world but I can’t and won’t take care of everyone’s subjective feelings.

      I only, more or less, relaid the news about the total failure of the US health care system and added some pizzaz. =^.^=

      You and yours stay healthy, ok? Wash your hands, stay at home, do something creative, eat your veggies and all the good stuff …



  1. I went to Florida once. Was amazed how openly racist quite a lot of people where. The poorest here in the UK are illegal immigrants, everyone else can get government help. It’s much more of a nanny state in the UK.

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    • The first time ever I’ve heard the term nanny state in such a positive way, Neil. 🙂
      What you describe is how a nanny should be, a rock solid system we kids can fall back on. Like what Debian is in the Linux world. 😉

      Usually we use nanny state in connection with spying and surveilance of the population, so more like a fascist chaperon taking care we don’t become commies or even worse, democrats! 😮


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