Spain and New York United in Shittyness. :/

But … but Spain is a shithole country!

Q: OMG! How could this have happened?





PS: Sorry, I’m deeply ashamed. Don’t I preach stop the nationalism shit all the time? And now I’m going all “Haha!” on America? Me’s a bad girl, a very bad girl. 😦



  1. I think you have it wrong, Orca. You’re going “Ha ha” on that piece of shit in a suit called the Prez, not on America. America never said that. That piece of shit fucking said that shit. That motherfucking piece of shit and his disgusting amoral greedy inhuman soulless Republican cohorts that would make the people in Wisconsin stand in line together for hours during a pandemic to vote !!!!!!

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    • Sorry Stacey but your president = America. Same as for you guys Merkel = Germany. We can’t ask all of you 3xx millions if you’re ok with what Trump does and says. It’s different every day, depending on the audience. But that is what we have nation leaders for, isn’t it?
      And yours is that POS Trump, same as ours is that coward asslicker Merkel.


  2. I didn’t know about this opinion concerning Merkel. I’m really out of the loop. She seems *nice*, as far as politicians go, to me.

    But, yeah, know where you’re coming from but disagree. Hillary won the popularity vote by millions over the idiot. She’s not a good person either, but she’s no Trump, and he stole the election, so he does not = America.

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    • Merkel is “nice”, ya, maybe. But she’s also …
      a) in the wrong party. The conservative Christian Democratic Union CDU, traditionally the party of dumfuk assholes
      b) too soft on intl level. She wants to make it right for everybody and ends up a huge disappointment for all

      The German industry wants to do big business with Russia/China … and they want us, coz that’s the future. See for example Nordstream2. Russian gas better and cheaper and more practical since direct pipeline vs US gas expensive, bad for environment, need to be magicked, made fluid, brought in by ships. Still Germany’s buying that shit … why? Merkel sits between the chairs, gets pressure from all sides while German economy loses fantastillions. 😦
      But USA would be angry, so she tries to play on time. I don’t know what secret contracts they have, if Germany is maybe still not a sovereign republic but America’s bitch since WW2 or something? Wouldn’t make sense though. Because in that case they’d be Russia’s bitch. :/

      How week Merkel is became very apparent when NSA bugged her personal phone. Not an angry word, not a single protest. Every other strong leader would’ve expelled all American diplomats and cut all ties to the USA, left NATO and the EU and joined BRICS in a heartbeat. But no, not Merkel. 😦

      Hilary would’ve been even more devastating than Trump. At least internationally. It’s not sure if we both would’ve still be alive by now and the planet still blue, brown and green. Trump is a businessman, a born bullshitter, which makes him easy to read and deal with. Hilary is on a whole different level of satanic evil. 😮

      As you can see I don’t much care about who stole what from whom in your shambolic election non-system. In the eyes of the world both your paries make no difference. Fascism light vs fascism strong. Not a choice I’d like to have. :/


  3. Well, I’m sure the Kurds would disagree with you about international havoc. But since their suffering doesn’t impact Western societies much, I guess they’re swept under the rug.

    Trump may call himself a businessman and appear to be one, but he’s not. He’s a fat rich kid wrapped in the enigma of his father. He calls everyone else a loser but he’s the biggest one alive. It’s just the best-kept secret there ever was that he’s failed at everything he’s done, he’s NOT a businessman, and he’s a rich, entitled whiner very good at diverting attention elsewhere. He deserves kudos for his smoke and mirrors, but that’s it.

    Nobody wanted Hillary because nobody wanted Bill back in office. People are against regimes. But I would take her more refined darkness in a heartbeat over the stupid evil of Trump who’s spread so much hate and disrespect and encouraged racism to blossom again to the point that I don’t know if some self-righteous knuckle-dragger’s gonna walk up to my husband one day and shoot him in the head on sight.

    I don’t know what kind of “international havoc” Hillary would have created, but at least we wouldn’t be worried for our lives whenever we went out into public. If her not getting elected kept lots of other people in the world from worrying daily about their lives, then that’s good, but I think everyone here is aware that the parties aren’t the same as they used to be and we’ve lost a lot of rights and the line between positive and negative has been blurred. And definitely, coming from a place where fascism was king and the horror that was wreaked in recent history, you certainly would know the definition better than I would and yeah, nobody wants that choice in any form.

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    • “the Kurds would disagree with you”
      Yeah, I’m quite sure about that but who cares. A people, since centuries incapable to find their own land but have it split up between various neighbours are just the perfect tool for America, same as Israelites, to use them as a pawn to pressure all the bigger players in the area and create unrest. First they were sold to us as heros, now that they are on Syria’s side it became quiet around them.
      It’s all kinda … opaque, I guess is the right word to decribe the situation.

      “very good at diverting attention elsewhere”
      Yes! A businessman. Blunt but effective.

      “He deserves kudos for his smoke and mirrors, but that’s it.”
      That’s the whole secret of businessmen around the world.

      “I would take her more refined darkness in a heartbeat over the stupid evil of Trump”
      That refinement makes her a dangerous enemy, contrary to Trump who’s businessman enough to know that a war on Iran wouldn’t be a good deal, that the situation in Iraq is out of control, Syria is protected by Russia … and Turkey never makes a good ally.
      Hilary wouldn’t care about all that and tried to establish the new world order with fire and flame!

      For your last paragraph I can only say the dems brought it upon themselves. Trump didn’t win the presidency – Hilary lost it! And they won’t win the next election either coz they are too self destructive.


  4. Hmm. I guess we shall see about that, Ms. O.

    I do think your statement about the Kurds is disingenuous. How does one find their “own land” anyway? The way the Dutch walked into Africa and decided it was theirs? The way Europeans came over to the US and murdered everyone they saw and took everything they saw?

    I think we’re at odds here. But if everyone thought alike, it would be a boring world, I guess.

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    • “Finding their own land” was a unhappy way to say it I guess. Forgive my ESL-ness.
      The Kurds always lived there, same as the Palestinians in Palestine, the San people in south-west Africa and the North American Indians, but all those people were historically too weak to claim and unite their territories. Other, stronger, more aggro ppl took over and ruined the show for the indigenous tribes and they got lost in time.
      Of course it’s hella unfair. But if the word would be a fair place we wouldn’t have an Israel, neither a South Africa, nor any other country in Africa or on both American continents. No Canada, no USA, no Mexico, no no no noooo … 😦

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  5. I gotcha. Well, and “weak” is a matter of perspective. I know one of the Native Americans’ problems was the idea of owning land was completely foreign to them. They were like, “How can someone ‘own’ the land?” and so they caused a lot of miscommunication and problems and we see how THAT worked out.
    But aggro is a good word. Yeah. aggro. Always self-righteous and delusionally superior, for one thing. So sad.

    And your ESL, by the way, is pretty great. Generally when you’re writing, if I didn’t know you at all, I would not be able to tell English wasn’t your first language.

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    • Yeah, the concept of owning land was foreign to them, same as to the San in Africa. Still, they had conflicts, every tribe trying to get hold of the best hunting grounds and fertile land and best fishing ponds n stuff. And of course, the most precious good of them all: Fertile wimmin! It’s always about natural resources. Always! 😉
      And while they are concentrating on small warfare against their next dor neighbour tribe, with bow and arrow, the gunpowder loaded Europeans could swallow them whole. That’s what I mean when I say weak. Europe had already the experience of centuries of warfare, migration, small and big kingdoms and empires and crusades. And by crossbreeding and survival of the fittest they were comparatively superhumans by the time they set their sights on America, Africa and Asia.

      Thx for your compliment on my ESL-handicap. While I guess I’m doing okay in writing, mostly by mimicking original Anglophonic people and using an English Wörterbuch …

      … you don’t wanna hear me speak! 😮 It rilly is attrocee-ous and shameful how fukink Djörmän I zound. 😮

      In Deutschland we call our heavy accent and the usage of wrong words “Denglisch”. Guess I’ve mastered at least that aspect. Still I do feel like a toddler trying to converse with grown-ups.

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  6. Awww, I don’t know, it sounds charming. I think we’ve talked about “The Expanse” before ’cause I remember complaining that they killed off the Belter detective. Does your accent sound anything like that? Or is that a bad example. The Belters are one of the best things about that show.

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    • Haha … NO! Me no speako da lang belta. Que sasa inyalowda? 😦

      Denglish sounds like people with learning deficiencies trying too hard to sound like a crossbreed of the queen of oxford and John Wayne, ya no? Because super correct English is what we learned in school back in the 70s but then never really got to practice it since all movies and series are dubbed in Germany. And if we hear any English around it’s mostly the American sort. I guess the kidz today are taught American English right away. At least in southern Germany. I find it weird. It’s like they’d teach German classes by using the Bavarian accent.

      Oh, and you can hear from what part of Germany a Denglisch speaker hails. I always thought my wannabe English is accent free but I was told “Hey, you’re from Hamburg!” by another German who only heard me speaking English. 😮 I proud myself by identifying southern Germans, since they can’t avoid rolling the R. Sounds a bit like Scots with speach impediment. I guess us northerners, we have a more natural accesibility to English than then the bloddy southerners.

      Well-known Russian satirist Vladimir Kaminer once said English is nothing but a mutation of Plattdeutsch (Low German). And he’s partly right, since the original anglo-saxons are from the area we know today as the German/Danish borderlands of Schleswig-Holstein, so an area prone to speaking Platt. And close to the English islands. At the same time the southerners were more concerned with our southern neighbours, the Romans and French.

      BTW, killing off detective Miller was in the novels, I guess book 2 or so. So not much the TV people could do to keep him alive. I guess we should be happy those beltalowdas keep so close to the literary blueprint and didn’t go on a wild tangent like the GoT welwallas. What a shitty way to end one of the greatest TV series in ever!

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  7. Yeah, I remember there were books first. It’s good that they’re loyal.
    As for the languages and accents–wow, fascinating!
    I’m sure you’ve heard of “Spanglish,” that we use here for Spanish/English speakers. Exactly like your Denglish, it sounds like.

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  8. Hahahaha
    BTW….the coronavirus escaping from the Chinese lab information is starting to come to the surface now.
    Of course some people think it was on purpose. But accidents do still happen, don’t they? At any rate, you brought up the lab early on, so I guess in some circles it was no secret from the start…….if it’s true, of course.

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    • Just a rumour I’ve heard somewhere. I mean it’s kinda logical, Wuhan residents showing symptoms first, Chinese gov’mt goes quiet about it at first … all the pieces are coming together quite nicely.
      We’ll probably never know what truly happened, and it’s not important now, Mr Trump!

      We’re all sitting in the same boat, can only survive together. By putting maximum effort and money into it!


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