Prison: Day 13

Mörnings, fellow self-isolators

Perfect mirror of my apocalyptic mindset right now. Following scenes are not from a sci-fi movie but real:

I’ve never seen our glorious Mother City as quiet and dead like that. It’s eerie, bordering on spooky. Otoh it shows how disciplined the population follows the order to stay home, be lazy and watch TV. Or stick to their computers, blog and enjoy twice the surfing speed (if on fibre). We people are so adorable, so dilligent and just awesome! No?


Cape Town is one of the most visited cities in South Africa. 

Known for its alluring views, world-famous attractions, and delicious cuisine, the Mother City is one city on everyone’s bucket list. As the city has stopped all of its tourism offerings due to the South African lockdown to curb the spread of Covid-19, Cape Town is no longer the vibrant city it once was.

As drone pilot Luke Bell and his team at Step Above found when they captured some scenes around the city during its lockdown. 

The video content, which has since garnered over 84 000 views on YouTube, shows an empty city. 

The team shot in some of the city’s famous landmarks, including Camps Bay, Clifton, and Table View.

Bell, who said he captured some eerie scenes around the city, told IOL Travel that the team spent two days shooting the content.

He said their drone ROC is listed as an essential service, and the team conducted all of these flights legally.

“We wanted to show everybody what Cape Town looks like during lockdown, especially since they were not able to view the city as they were at home. It’s also a historic event, so we wanted to capture it, ” he said.

He said that once he viewed the footage, he realised that people were abiding by the rules.

“Seeing all of this has shown me how well people are sticking to the rules. These are dark times for sure, but it is very promising to see our country taking the situation so seriously, ” he added. 

And I found one more, sadly in shitty quality and not as eerie as the first one:

How are your hometowns doing? Still hustle and bustle or quiet and peaceful like on xmas eve and everybody staying at home?

I hope you guys are doing the same, stay at home, stay healthy, sanitize your forepaws, don’t touch your visages, do ample yoga and stay away from the alcohol.

/\ Namaste /\




  1. I’ve not been into town lately either Neil. Staying at home and taking extra baths and showers. I get over to the local stores once or twice a week and that”s about it. I should definitely go for a drive and see what’s up. But I read some poor woman got fined $200 going for a drive. WTF?

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    • Becca, we all should get used to the thought that things won’t be the same once the Coronashit is over. Our gov’mts are busy killing our civil rights while we normal people of the world turning a blind eye and only care about Covid-19. :/
      But of course intl travel will be opened up soon, else all the airlines would go broke.
      And yes, CPT is an awesome town, pretty poor and with many many problems but in fantastic nature.


  2. Ours are very xmas-eve, but that means there are still some cars about… essential workers and people who won’t follow rules.

    I have to go out tomorrow (cancer screening and pick up a prescription). I’ll use what I see to decide whether to shop for more tuna for AdamCat (last tin will be finished today).

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    • “(cancer screening and pick up a prescription)”
      You got cancer??? Sounds, like, very essential to me!

      “tuna for AdamCat (last tin will be finished today).”
      I you don’t want Adam to die of starvation, or kick him out to hunt for mice – which usually is the cats’s way to earn their keep – buying tuna seems also essential.


      • Adam isn’t healthy enough to hunt and never really did anyway. He’s become an insanely picky eater and is probably taking in about 1/3 the calories he need to sustain even his fail little body. He gets anything he wants, even if I have to go to multiple stores… though I don’t look forward to the exposure risk. Bit I’ll be careful.

        I’m hoping I don’t have cancer but I have the ultrasound tomorrow and biopsy in a couple weeks. With luck, all will be clear.

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        • I wish you all the best and negative test results. Bu still, don’t forget to wash your hands. Oh, yes I remember you wrote about Adam the cat’s health problems. He an old kat or still a kitten? I’m by no way an expert or even a cat lover but, honestly, isn’t it maybe better and friendlier, at a certain point, to just let them go?

          I remember a couple years ago my uncle, and just recently my father, they both begged family and doctors to let them go. But no, health system in Germany can’t let anyone die, even if it’s just useless torture for the patients. My dad was tested and probed up to the last day, before they sent him to palliative care. 😦
          It should be easier to let go of a cat if he doesn’t have joy anymore, no?


          • AdamCat is older… about 15. He is on palliative care and still wants to be alive. His eyes look good, he grooms, no sign of jaundice; he still jumps onto things, and walks up to strangers for petting. I’ve lost a lot of cats and am constantly assessing his quality of life. I’ve stopped his chemo and reduced his blood booster, which I think led to him feeling even better today. At some point he’ll either get too frail to move around anymore, and I’ll take hin for euthanasia, or he’ll have sudden organ failure – he shows signs of being in full kidney failure but not of pain.

            I plan to off myself in a few years, if corona or something else doesn’t get me first. I’m quite focused on quality over qty of life.

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          • ps: i will be wearing 2 masks (we’re supposed to wear them when we leave home; won’t touch my face or my mask; will use sanitizer in the car; and will wash thoroughly when I get home… including my cloth mask (“wash after every use!”).

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            • Very reasonable, Leendadadll, you’re a good citizen.

              To my shame I must admit I didn’t wear a mask yet, not even when I was out for shopping the last time. And we’re getting spritzed with hand sanitizer every time we enter a shop and when we deal with a cashier.
              Now I’ve got my own sanitizer and will make my own mask from an old bandana or so. But I’m not planning of going out anytime soon anyway.


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