Prison: Day 12

Hey Hi Hello!

Almost forgot my daily entry into the Corona diary. And I’ll tell you why. As you’ve seen in this blog I’m well-informed about what’s going on around us but still waiting for the news most important for hubby and me. Far as we know the lockdown will be lifted on the 17th or 18th of this month.

That’s only 1,5 weeks to go!

\o/ Whoohoo! \o/

No. But really? Do you think, does anybody think, the shitty virus will be dead and gone by then? Inside this month?

I don’t think so.

We prepare for a longer period of self-isolation and social distancing. And, yes, I know it’s a bit unfair to say it but we don’t really suffer hard from this situation. This might be different for other people, in other countries, who face unemployment, no monetary help and all that crap. Still, people let’s get real: It will take more weeks, even months until the planet is Covid-19-free.

Pushing the blame on China is nonsense and doesn’t help anyway. We just have to get through it. Don’t listen to your various politicians of any couleur, listen to the experts, the doctors, the WHO, the Red Cross. They know what has to be done. And we should do what they tell us to do, not what some overly ambitious president somewhere in the western colonies tells us.

Stay at home, stay healthy, wash your hands. We’re all in this together, we will get through it together … because we have to. There is no other choice, no option. Nobody can say “Thx for the experience, now I’m bored, must get back to work and break the quarantine. Laterz, cya.” That’s not how a lockdown works, guys!

Hey, stay healthy, okay?




  1. 🙄 In the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, things were originally scheduled to go back to normal on the 15th of April; unfortunately, the date has been extended to the 30th of April.

    It is beginning to feel as though the entire country is under house arrest.

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    • Yeah, I guess our freedom will be pushed to around that time as well, so like 2 weeks longer than originally planned.

      “It is beginning to feel as though the entire country is under house arrest.”
      Of course. Isn’t that the purpose of the whole exercise? Can’t lock down only parts of the county.

      Have fun in lockdown and stay healthy Renard

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