USA! Did! NOT! Hijack! German Face Masks! Let me repeat that: NOT!!!

Sorry for misundererstimation. The supply got obviously just lost in the very efficient German administrative system … WOT???

Anyway, the Berlin Police dept will receive the masks shortly. :/

And still some of those dopes think moving to the tiger-infested jungles of Africa was the wrong decision, when we could’ve stayed in secure and super duper organized and efficient Germany.  Thanks for your concern, dear German friends, but we feel quite good here were we are. And losing help packets, the Africans can do that as well as the Germans, if not better.

BTW, please tell me how’s your internet speed in Germany? And that airport in Berlin? Coming along just fine I suppose, ja?

5? Berlin’s police ordered 200,000 of those face huggers, ffs! 🙂


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