TRICOT in Live Stream!


Hai friends of Japanese math rock, the girls and boy of Tricot are streaming live right now. Can’t understand shit? Doesn’t matter. Me neither. It’s our heros live from their homes, probably in lockdown like the undeserving rest of us:

80.7K subscribers
【10周年記念Tシャツ販売決定】 10th ANNIVERSARY Tシャツ第一弾は 『爆裂パニエさん』 中嶋イッキュウ手書き文字を刺繍で再現! カラーは白と黒サイズはM〜XLとなり、 価格は¥2,800! 完全受注生産のスペシャル限定商品! 受注期間は4月20日の22:00まで! 販売URL:
Oh, shit, doesn’t WP let me link more than one video per post? Becoz of lockdown n shit?
Or is it YouTube scratching on the edge of its capcity already?
Do me a favour guys, and try it on your blogs. Dunno what’s wrong here. 😮
Sayonara 🙂

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