Prison: Day 11

Don’t mind the man behind the curtain.

Hai everybody, wherever you are.

Sometimes I wonder if everybody is in lockdown mode by now or are there still some Thar She Blows! readers roaming this planet of ours freely and unhindered by security and health concerns? Or their own conscience. If so, please let your fellow bloggies know in what magical area you’re dwelling. I’m very curious.

Oh, Sweden, one of my most favourite countries in the world. Truly adorbs! Very pretty, very high quality of life. Too expensive for German slackers and pensioners. :/

As I told you already hubby and me aren’t too badly restricted by the quarantine measures, as he almost never leaves the house and I rarely leave our northern Capetonian suburbia. So we’re quite happy about the rain today. The land needs it urgently, and we’ve already decided rain’s a good thing. Heck, when in lockdown anyway, please go on, let it rain for the next two weeks … or however long this will take. We have ample food supply for the next two weeks, so no need to go anywhere.

Okay, 3 weeks. We can do that easily. Just 10 more days. Although I somehow doubt it’ll be really over by then. 😐

But but but … what to do inside the house? Particularly when you’re not a real housewife and not interested in doing house-y projects? Hmmm, letting my view gaze over the computers … hm, hm, hmmm, \o/ Linux projects! \o/ Come on Orca, you love Linux, so now is the time to test a couple thousand distros!

BTW, how many Linuxes are there, really?

Frederik Vos
Frederik Vos, Trainer and Consultant in Open-Source

Ugh, no! My distrohopping times are behind me, I’ve found my home in the Linux world (I use Arch btw.) and have no desire to move anytime soon.

And I’m not geeky enough to treat Linux as a hobby. Not gonna play and tinker and optimize Linux code. God no!

That doesn’t mean I’m not scouting for nifty n00b-friendly distros, like, every fukn day. I’m still on a mission to convert all of you to Linux. For that I made a list of recommendations, as you know. And I’ve even streamlined that list and trimmed it down to just 2 entries. It’s not the list most experts would give you, it’s mine and mine alone. But I can promise you that – if you are on a similarly sober mindset – my choices make a lot of sense. So, basta. But anyway, me, personally, I just want to let you know that …

And since I’ve checked DistroWatch already earlier, and found nothing worthwile to check out, so what am I sposed to do now?

Last thing I did in regards of Linux on this bloggy, was a little comparison of Sparky vs LMDE4, which Sparky won. Not by a huge margin and mostly because I’m biased and decide based on taste rather than on technical merits. But far as I know Sparky won on both accounts.

LMDE 4 Linux Mint Debian Edition, Jack M. Germain tested LMDE4 very thoroughly, explains a lot about it and wrote a wonderful rambly article for Linux Insider. And as he found out there ain’t really a huge difference between the “normal” Ubuntu-based Mint and Mint’s Debian Edition. In the end it seems it’s all a question of personal taste. Doesn’t matter, doesn’t mattter to us in no way, as neither version made it on my very restricted recommendations list. But then again, there is nothing wrong with the Minty goodness, no matter which path you gonna take.

Linux Mint Debian 4 screenshot

Ok, now you have something to do, you lucky fux. And me, I’m still sitting here …

Stay healthy, stay happy, wash your hands and have fun.

Laterz perhaps




  1. Hi again Orca 🙂

    I’m going a bit stir crazy here in the US of A. I live alone and am running out of work I can do from home. I’m spending too much time in SL and not enough exercising. Me cringes at the thought of your pic from last week. I need to find some more activities that don’t require social contact. With my dark roots taking over I’m thinking seriously about shaving my head. It’s all the rage you know? Time for a snack.

    Bye for now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello again, Becks
      I feel you, and while I’m always for a good close shave – if done for the right resasons – I think it might be a bit radical to waste it on a stupid house arrest. Whom are you protesting? And anyway, me don’t like total baldness but prefer a nice jetfighter style or so. I wore those in my more youthful days. Anyway, it’lll give you something to do and keep you amused – for 5 minutes. And then?

      Here’s what you can do: Installed some Archy Linux already? Or even tried your hands on the original vanilla Arch? That’ll keep you aggravated for some hours. And then some hours more while trying to make the resulting base version useful. If you’re a restless soul, I can guarantee that Arch will gonna make you happy! It’ll give you a soft tingling sensation Mint can never give you. It sparks joy! 🙂

      Please refresh me, what pic from last week we’re talking about? I post so many each and every day. :/

      Yes, a snack is always a good idea. Thinking about an early brekkie myself. It’s either that or back to bed. =^.^=

      Laterz xoxo


  2. Aha, that center bottom pic is me now. I watch Chloe’s youtube videos and copied her hairstyle. Sorry for my bad grammar. I am very incorrect, no?

    Liked by 1 person

    • “center bottom pic is me now.”
      I call all those girls jetfighters while hubby just calls them lesbians. 😐
      The biggger photo left of you is old pic of famous English top model Agyness Deyn:

      “I am very incorrect, no?”
      Bad girl, no sexual favours for you tonight! :/

      Who the fuk is Chloe?


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