Even During Global Pandemic USA Can’t Stop Being Evil

Happy anti-virus morning my dears.

Slowly it gets reallly boring, and I honestly don’t have any fun composing this blogpost for yous but you’ve read about the Captain of the airplane carrier Theodore Roosevelt, who dared to plead for help for his COVID-19 stricken crew but was denied doing so by his chain of command.

Well, the story didn’t end there:

But his career did! Because he did what every sea captain worth their salt would do!

His crew loves Crozier. He must have done something right!


“poor judgement”. Really?

Well, all I know for now the ship’s sound and secure in Guam. Which ain’t even enemy territory. Here a man was fired and will probably spend some years in a jail cell, for doing everything right.

Sorry to say but America doesn’t behave like a civilized nation on planet earth. 😦

More on that in the next blogpost. 😐



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