Prison: Day 9

Prison Break!

Cool, how long we managed to stay at home, not killing our partners, still in a kinda good mood and – most importantly – in good health.

Hello everybody, and I hope you’re doing good as well.

Today I decided to break the lockdown since we urgently needed foodstuff, so after 5 minutes of noodling the starter motor, off I went:

This was not at all like the apocalyptic videos we get to see from other YouTubers. Almost normal traffic for an early Saturday afternoon. I expected something more eery, like a moon rover experience or scorched earth apocalypse or sumfink. Maybe the city bowl is dead but out here in the suburbs it’s almost bizniz as usual.

In the well-frequented pharmacy all shelves with non-essential goods were taped shut.
They only had very small bottles of hand sanitizer, and no spray nozzles. 😮 I’m disappointed. Really! But I found hand sanitizer in bigger 500 ml bottles, with nozzle … at the food grocers! 🙂

Now after finally having found the hand sanitizer we missed so much throughout the week, tell me what are we sposed to do with that stuff?

BTW, the food grocery, I’m not accusing anyone of hiking the prices up but they, for sure didn’t have any sales going on and prices weren’t the lowest ever either.

Since they don’t allow self-service in the deli department anymore, they prepacked some meals for our convenience … and their heightened profit. 😮

Anyway, we’ve got more than enough food now for the next one or maybe even two weeks, so all in all I came out of the store like a little Trump.

With the recent conversion rate you always make a good deal in South Africa.=^.^=

Explainification: We consider everything around 1:15 as superduper for us. 1:20 is even much more superduperer. Too bad we’re kinda broke again since hubby’s on a moneysaving tangent. 😦 Gonna need some dough and playmoney for our annual bizniz trip to Jerkmoney. 😐 Ok.


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