The Bandit 25R race comes to TrYC

What is a Bandit 25R? Some of you will ask  “What is that?” or “Racing that boat is fun?”. Well the R in the Name stands for racing and this boat is understated a lot in sl.

It is quite old already but still a lot of fun.

  • It can sail closer to the wind than nearly all other boats i know
  • it has 3 foresails, which make this little one very fast
  • it can turn quick on a saucer, which gives you a lot tactical opportunities at the buoys or on the track
  •  al together its a relaxed little cruiser on narrow courses or an exciting racer sailed at the limit.

I organised a B25R race at KTYC for over more than 2 years  and we had up to 12 boats in the races sometimes and 2 Championships (2018 and 2019).


Now i designed a new course for TrYC.



Wind on this course will be 18knots and its direction will alternate weekly (NW, NE, SW, SE). I have tested all 4 winds and my sailing time was 26-27:30min. That is about the same time we had before.

The Course design in combination with the different winddirections will make this race interesting every week again and we can use the reversed course after some time in the same way.

After 2-4 races you will be familiar with the course and can concentrate mainly on the excitements of racing and not on looking for the right direction. The course map and the USB notecard are available at the giver board at TrYC and you can learn the course before if you like.


So i hope i will see lots of you at TrYC for the first race at

April 11th, 10am SLT

hugs and kisses




      • Cool, so cool.
        Schwarz, der Himmel unserer Zukunft
        Rot, das Blut der Arbeiter
        Gold, die Hände der Bonzenschweine
        Blog das doch mal, Mädchen. Wird Zeit die gute 25er wiederzubeleben. Ja, sie ist ein bissi unproportional, ich hab sie ja durch alle Entwicklungsstufen gehen sehen, aber Ana hat nicht auf mich gehört. Stehhöhe war ihr wichtiger als ein schnittiges Äußeres oder ein hübsches Schiff. Holländer eben. :/ Und jetzt sitzen wir Schultertief im Cockpit wie Kleinkinder. 😦 War aber trotzdem, nach Qiv’s M24, mein zweitliebstes Regatta- und Tourenboot.


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