Some COVID-19 News

Putin’s a good boiiiii. 😉

That’s how the pandemic is handled in a civilized society: Stay at home, self-isolate, save humanity, don’t go bankrupt and don’t lose your job.

Why do it yourself if you can steal it?

America was never really solidaric, no?

When a blockade kills people. 😦

When a unprovoked economical blockade in times of peace threatens human lives … we usually call that an aggressive act of warfare. 😮 And when it happens in times of Cuban doctors being busy around the globe, helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic it becomes even worse!

In the fight against COVID-19 the USA are as useful as in the fight against ISIS, a liability rather than an asset. 😦

We all had better things to do, had other plans, but now COVID-19 is more important.
Why play fair when you can cheat? FFS America, get your shit together!
=^.^= MEOW! =^.^=
Naive Russkis, poor sods: the US will never return the favour. :/
They lied?



        • Yes, of course we hear about how the dems are self-destroying with their silly antics. Kinda breaks my heart. :/


            • Yeah, that’s what they are trying to tell you. From the outside it looks like 2 extremely radical rightwing fascist parties telling you the same bullshit lies. It also looks like both sides are extremely ungraceful, the winners as bad as the losers.
              And the dems are still so asshurt and kinda paralyzed, they aren’t able to make reasonable politics but are only interested in throwing sticks between Trump’s legs. No long-term planning or geopolitical vision.
              Trump makes war, bombs allied troops instead of fighting ISIS = Orange man bad!
              Trump makes peace, talks to Putin = Orange man bad!
              Dems are pure poison right now. And from the outside we’re kinda happy to be dealing with Trump, rather than Hilary. Coz Trump is easy to read, easy to handle, easy to decipher. Salesman type. Promise him a good deal and he love you long time.
              With a president Hilary … well, we’d all be dead by now and the earth just a smoking piece of charcoal.
              All the social minded stuff might be important for Americans on the inside but of no consequence for the world. If you want more workers’ rights, more human rights, you gotta fight for these things. All other nations did it. Think the Germans and the Italians and Scandinavians got all the vacation days just handed to them on a silver plate? Nuh uh. Or the Russians? No, they had to start a revolution to get something, had to kill the tzar and become radical bolshewiks. Kill fire with fire!
              It’s never as easy as the Americans think it is.
              When I was little, we still had real workers and unionists in the parliament, our chancellor a former WW2 resistance fighter. Real people. And we even had 2 communist parties that no-one voted for. But at least we had them. 😉
              What do you have? Did any non-millionaire ever made it into congress?


    • Mhm. :/ Wussten wir schon. Kanada jetzt auch. Vielsten Dank für den Hinweis. Ham nur noch nach englischsprachigen Meldungen geguckt. Hamwa jetz und wird heute im Laufe des Tages “gedruckt”. 😉


      • Und, Yay!, der Spiegel geht wieder., Öh, geht eigentlich gar nicht mehr, das Propagandablatt, aber sie haben die Bezahlmauer weggemacht.


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