Second Life Showcase Stream – Hand by Bryn Oh

Finally something really interesting from Lab Gab’s Strawberry. An Artwalk, an experience of famous RL/SL artist Bryn Oh‘s installation Hand.

Let’s walk with Berry …

Featured in this stream: Hand by Bryn Oh –…
Showcase Streams is a recurring series of live spontaneous short videos that aim to spotlight the many music, art, and cultural events in Second Life.
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Hand by Bryn Oh
Hmmm, doesn’t look like my thing entirely. And the short stream didn’t make me yearning for more. Actually I was bored out of my skull and more interested in Berry’s clumsiness than in the art and narrration. But then again, with art it’s obviously as with Linux distros, and Hand just wasn’t made with grumpy Orca in mind.
Maybe I should slowly accept that the whole world of SL wasn’t created excusively for my cute little avie. 😮
Here you go to Bryn Oh’s sim Immersiva.
Ooooh, I just remembered I already had the honour of blogging about one of Bryn’s installations, back in 2013 on my old blog: Imogen and the Pigeon. Like today, the meaning escaped me back then as well. :/
Bryn Oh’s Imogen and the Pigeon, 2013


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