Prison: Day 7

Moarnink, noon, evnin’ …

it’s all the same for me now. Doesn’t make a difference. So today’s diary entry is about how the lockdown’s changed me as a person. And not necessarily to the better, I can tell ya. So here are some observations I made in the last couple days. Most very subjective, some maybe even a little bit objective, so you’ll find similarities:

  • Living in lockdown is cheap. It’s astonishing how far one can stretch the last scraps of food we find in galleys and useless corners of the fridge. So I don’t have to leave the house and drive to the grocers …

    Looks fuller than it really is. Our fridge.
  • … which is a nice segue into my second point. After initial antsyness in the first couple days, I’ve turned into a sloppy slob, feeling pretty good inside the house and don’t ever wanna leave again. So we’re gonna stretch the food supply even more thin.
    Does your house look like that as well?
  • I’m totally fine with being a slob, and the thought of having to wear my big girl pants – or clothes at all – when going outside kinda scares me.

    What the lockdown made of lightweight Orca.
  • I lost the concept of time! Not in the usual Capetonian way of perpetual slowness and carelessnes, but for realz: I’m awake, half awake, asleep at any time I want. Don’t have to be nowhere else, no dates and appointments to keep. Heck, I could go back in bed now and finish this writeup a few hours later. You won’t notice, do you?

    Do you have any idea how late it is, young lady?
  • The realness of the motto “We’re all in this together!” only hit me, like, half an hour ago, when I watched a YouTube video from Japan. That’s far away isn’t it? And in that video Chris Broad eats cup noodles, since he’s in lockdown in his apartment. Same as I. And probably you, and you and you, and, yes, you too, Sammie. Right? No,  really, what I wanted to say here in my overly complicated, long-winded way, is that hubby and me felt like isolated from the world. Yes, of course, that’s what self-isolation and lockdown is supposed to be. But it never occured to me that other people would be in the same situation. No, that’s wrong. I’m not stupid, of course I knew, on a sentient level, that hubby and me can’t be the only ones removed from the world. Heck, we see our neighbours outside from time to time, getting the trash out, watering the flowers. But that’s what they do anyways, what we all do, in normal times as well as now, during the pandemic. But the reality of them all being in exactly the same situation, that only sinks in rather slowly. And people in other countries, in highly developed Europe and almost as highly developed America being in the same shit as we are … that baffles me!

    A guide to self-isolation
    Quarantined just for having a runny nose? Come on now!
  • I’m shocked by the fact how badly our gov’mts are reacting and how badly they are prepared for emergency situations like this. All the smooth talkers, the clever world leaders, the best of the best humankind has to offer, are turning out to be just a bunch of assclowns. I dunno about you but I was always under the impression, that in a highly civilized western country we’d have whole archives full with emergency and contingency plans. For earthquakes, floods, storms, bushfires and pandemics! … and huge stocks of all possible tools and medicines. Army, fire department, police, they all have their plans and know exactly what to do. Boy was I wrong. 😮

    The best of the best! Absolute elite!
  • I was shocked by how shocked I was. Knowing how those fuckers tick, and not voting for any of them – for multiple reasons – this shouldn’t have been a surprise, at all. I still feel betrayed. And left alone. What the fuk did (or didn’t) we vote you into power for?

    asking for a friend. 😐
  • Shouldn’t this be the time for the international Red Cross to take over the reign from the fukn politicians? They know what to do, and not gonna be shushed by some overly ambitious president or so. Let them doctors do what’s necessary and have the politicos fuck the shut up!

    All hail your new leader!
  • Most weird, and almost inconceivable for my little mind, is the fact that even you guys, you Orcablog connoiseurs, are sitting at home, in your undies and dino pyjamas and dirty t-shirts, freshly washed hands and eating canned foods and are bored out of your skulls.
    Thar She Blows! reader in dino pyjama

    Orca in dino pyjama
  • Today’s the last day of week 1 of the lockdown and I’ve already turned into a lazy heap of slobber. Slowly losing the will to do anything. I shall try to compose an O@tM post later, since that’s what we can still do: Watching movies if not too tired. :/

    Watching American comedy flicks
  • Most important tho: Our ISP has doubled our speed! No idea if other ISPs do it as well, but ours did and it’s great. Will ask hubby if we can keep it after everything goes back to normal. 😉
    So great, so cute, can we keep it pleeeez?


Please let me know in the comments about how the lockdown effects on your physical and mental state. What did I miss to mention, where does your isolation differ from ours? Are you solo, paired up or with the whole clan right now?

Hope you’re all doing well, accordingly. And as always: eat your veggies, wash your hands and love your fellow humanites.




    • The only thing that’s really changed for me is no longer being able to go somewhere on impulse, and not being able to shop in the middle of the night (nothing open 24/7 anymore).

      I’m pissed because I’m still having “gotta be up early” anxiety when awake all night, despite being unemployed for 3 yrs and into my 3rd week of mandatory isolation. I guess 40-some years of conditioning is hard to break!


      • I know. Dogs too.
        So far they’re considered susceptible but unable to transmit. But since there aren’t enough tests for humans, there surely isn’t much testing of animals.

        AdamCat is immuno-suppressed due to chemo. Not wanting to risk infecting him, even before the info came out, has been my main drive for keeping myself as safe as possible.

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