• Neither do I. Does it matter? This is just charming and the three ladies are very talented in their own naive little way.
      I just checked the channel, it seems to be a group of friends who make music together in changing constellations.


        • You really pay attention to lyrics? I’m listening to English rock music all my life, never even tried to decipher the lyrics. Don’t matter to me. 😉
          And of course the are a bit childish, naive, that’s what I find so charming about this little band.
          I’d never ever listen to them for longer than 10 minutes or when I really wanna hear some good music.


          • No to lyrics. But since I didn’t find the vid interesting I thought knowing the song might make a difference.

            I’ve become weirdly hard to since isolation started.


            • LOL,the vid is just a continuous shot of a group of young musos, playing live in some member’s room. No edit, no additional lights, no nothing. Maybe shot on momma’s camera or iPhone or what.
              That is the amateurish selfmade charme I was talking about.


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