Prison: Day 6


I wish y’all have a goody morning and feeling well and unfazed by this terrible pandemic (most of us a hundreds of miles away from the nearest infected person). Still we’re all sitting at home in fear of something bad, something sinister coming but slowly growing a bit angry and asking our own motives for locking ourselves away. Totally concurrent with gov’mt rules and even – in some countries – states of emergency. If at least we could feel the earth shaking, the forrests burning. But no, this killer is creepy and silent. And our best plan of action, the best way to fight (!) the pandemic is by sitting at home, sleeping in, eating unhealthy food (lots of) and getting fatter and more drowsy and tired by the minute. Really? That’s all you want from us?

Mr. President, I could do this for the rest of my life! 🙂

It’s hard to believe, right? How can we be that stupid? Why aren’t we out there, climbing mountains, swimming/surfing/sailing at the beaches? It’s not like those activities get us close or even dangerously close to other people. People that are most probably as untouched by any virus as we are.

Is this maybe just a crazy sociology experiment? How to steer the biggest mass of humans ever to jail themselves and shut up about everything? “Don’t complain about your cruel fate, you could bring death onto other people if you break the curfew!” So we comply, because all other thoughts are just tinfoil conspiracy theories … right? I mean, our gov’mts would never do that.


And then we remember 9/11 and how the US gov’mt didn’t just trick the US population but the whole fukn world into invasion of Iraq. And we know it was all just a bloddy lie and a rather well-orchestrated mass-delusion. And we’re ashamed now for believing a single word of our leaders.

We will never fall for their fascist mindgames again!

And now look where we are. Look what we do … or don’t do.

What we don’t do is living our usual self-determined, more or less free lives!

We are being herded, we are chaperoned, guided, steered, surveiled, curfewed. We’ve even been told how often and how to wash our hands, FFS! We are exactly the sheeples fukn know-it-alls like Orca are always warning us not to become. 😮

We are every fukn president’s/dictator’s wet dream. Democracy is canceled for now, and we understand that. It has to be done. Let’s get comfortable with being not comfortable. Because COVID-19! That’s a very good reason to give up our most basic human rights. 😦

Wake Up Sheeple

Oh jeeze, on top of my dystopian fantasies, just now (9 a.m.) the sirens went off. Ok, 9 a.m. gives it away, this must be a drill. But still this is kinda creepy. 😮 Hey, Mr. Mayor, the town’s people didn’t need that!

Still, let’s not forget to wash our hands, ok?




  1. I’ve had similar thoughts. I’m most worried about country borders being closed because so many people around the world, have wanted that for so long. It’s not like it’s really gonna help… the virus is already worldwide. I fear many borders won’t reopen (“we keeping our citizens safe”).

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    • “we keeping our citizens safe”
      … from escaping! 😉
      I’ve just watched some van-dweller videos on YouTube. People who live the 24/7/365 vanlife since years. People who have cut connectios to their old homes, and burned bridges to relatives and relationships and spend their life on the road ever since. Totally free and unbound.
      And then,whe Corona happened they couldn’t get onto a highway back “home” fast enough. Just watched a buncha Canadians hectically getting their vans into storage and begging their embassy for a flight home to momma. 😦 Getting themselves into debt, just to escape a COVID-free paradise beach and get to a crowded, obviously COVID-stricken place. 😮
      Watch them dorks:


  2. My friends mum is in critical care in hospital a few miles from my home. They’ve told her she won’t be given a ventilator. I have another fit and healthy friend who is just recovering from it and says she had never been so ill in her whole life… definitely not flu. I have two more friends awaiting test results because they were exposed after one of them was exposed through work in healthcare (in the US). In the UK we don’t get tested unless we are in hospital. Same in France. The numbers cannot be relied upon.

    I hope you are hundreds of miles from the nearest case, but I’m feeling it very keenly and far too closer to home.

    I’d love to be somewhere remote, like up a mountain. But yeah, I suppose I’d want to be home to care for my old mum.

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    • That is totally understandable, Meri. But, honest now, how could you help her? You got one of those ventilators for her? No? Ok, nothing you can do but stay up on your mountain summit and practice social distancing instead of jumping onto a crowded plane with a high chance of infected persons on board.

      My thoughts of being hundreds of miles away from infected people was just destroyed yesterday. We have the first cases in the settlements. with their overcrowded shacks and lacking hygiene. The township in question is maybe 10 – 20 klicks from our house. The virus is sneaking closer to home. 😮

      I’ll have to leave the house tomorrow for some veggies shopping and am already anxious about it. :/


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