News from the COVID-19 Front

Albeit slightly political as one of the involved parties doesn’t like to play by the rules and make a profit from a worldwide pandemic. 😐

That was yesterday. By now they have heaped up 3,900 bodies. 😦

You said whaaaaaaaaa…?

Glass house, stone, throw …

“War of the Worlds” indeed.

And then:

Israel? Of all the war horny shitholes?

Whoa! That’s good news; even genocidal Israel sees reason! Come on now, America! Get your überfuckmeister Pompeo in line and join the rest of the world in our united fight against our real enemy!

No, not ISIS this time (since they are yours and we’re not allowed to really fight them) but the fukn COVID-19 epidemic.



  1. If the virus would wipe out dotard then we might see some actual proper response!!

    I noted that when I drilled down on some reputable (non US) site, China’s covid numbers were only for Guangdong Province… about 1/5 the national population and doesn’t include the city or Province where the outbreak started.

    But we can’t even get tests unless we’re dying (pretty literally), so our numbers aren’t accurate either.

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