Les Mis “LOCK Down” | ORIGINAL | VIRAL full version of the Les Mis CV19 parody

The Marsh family sharing their lockdown-themed coronavirus pandemic in the style of Les Misérables.

The Marsh Family’s One Day More, lyrics:

One day more, another day another destiny,Shopping for online delivery,I’ve tried again, only to find there’s nothing til September timeOne day more…
I had a football match today, How can I play when we are parted?One day more…Our grandparents are miles away, They can’t work Skype! We’re brokenhearted,
One more day all on my phone, Will we ever meet again? Will we ever meet our friends?One more selfie with me glaring, I am bored of being with you, Not long till the data’s blown,So we swear until we’re blue, But they never let me share
One more day of “online school” Do we get a change of clothes? Teachers fill up Google classroom, Have you seen my brother’s hair?!Our exams have all been pulled,Do I change my underwear? And we’re sharing a bathroom,
The time is now, the day is here, one day more… One more day’s home education, Let’s just let them run amuck, We’re not ready for these schoolboys, ‘Cos they just don’t give a f***
One day more…Watch our daddy drink, see our mummy sigh, Clapping for the NHS can make ‘em cry,Here’s a little walk, there’s a little ride, Sunshine’s such a bummer when we’re stuck inside
One day to a new beginning,Make some respirators now!Every man will need vaccines,That’s a little bit sexist! There’s a new world to be winning, There’s a new world to be won
Do you hear the people sing?My pizza’s here, I eat with you! One day more…We will join the people’s heroes we will phone those left alone We will volunteer to help out, we will grow what we can grow
One day more…Tomorrow we’ll be far away, tomorrow is the judgement day, Tomorrow we’ll discover what Tesco online has got in store, One more dawn, One more day, One day more!

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