Backup Your Fukn Data!!!

Ok, call me a stupid ho, but I really, not ever, not for a second, considered doing backups as some sort of problem. Yes, I know there are some very elaborate, complex and  more or less elegant, often commercial backup solutions on the market and I can understand why so many people shy away from from this tedious chore.

Wanna know what I do, how your beloved Orcsibaby saves all her data for the future? No, probably not, because why would you?

Well, I’m gonna tell you anyway, because why wouldn’t I?

See, the thing with backups is to define what sort of data you wanna backup and where you store said data in the first place. That is already half the rent. Knowing what’s important to you and where the fuk is it?

Lemme show you Orca’s superduper simple backup setup:


See the two folders upper left side of the screen? Blog 2004 and Good Shit?

Blog 2004 contains all the photos, screenshots and graphics I published in the same months, respectively going to use in April 2020 in Thar She Blows! And Good Shit contains all the ever changing stupid paroles from the subheader of my blog. Right now it’s the “Finally something I’m good at …” saying.

That’s all. Really. Sometimes, every couple months, if I don’t forget, I’ll backup all my wallpapers as well, but no other stuff from my Linux file system. Why would I save my operating system? It’s Linux ffs! It never breaks. And even if, I’ll have it reinstalled much faster than rescued from some backup file. So I really, like, really really only backup my personal data. Takes me, like, two minutes and gives me the good feeling everything important is save and secure.

Save and secure where? On external hard drive of course. Some storage device I can plug in/out in the matter of a second. Listen, I dunno what you’re using your computer for, me is only a smalltime blogger, creating small amounts of not very important data. I don’t admin a giant server center with the giant databases of big huge clients, just my bloggy and my photos.

Of course I know many of you are PC hobbyists, trying to optimize and automatize your workflow, and you’re more than welcome to spend your time with all those super clever solutions. Me, I just wanna transfer my data onto some reasonably safe storage once a month.

How are you handling your backup needs, dear readers? Going with pre-made backup software or are you doing it manually, like Orca?

Comments, like always, down below in the loveletters section. 😉



    • Zacly, Neil, zacly! It’s not geeky enough for the usual Linux “user”, but those guys hardly ever really use Linux as daily runner but only use it as a hobby horse and to prove a point.


    • Very good Viv, technical shit is the only aspect in life one should be conservative and cowardish about.
      All my photos and videos, no matter if good or used in blog or anywhere else, also land on an external, drive. Since december 2014 when I bought this camera they are all saved independently from computer or blog backup.
      My music collection is on a 64MB USB stick, so I can use it in the car.

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