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They easily beating China in the regard of victims. 😮

NEW YORK (AP) — With refrigerated morgue trucks parked on New York City’s streets to collect the surging number of dead, public health officials projected Tuesday that the coronavirus could ultimately kill more than 100,000 people across the U.S. Some states that have become hot spots warn they’re running low on ventilators, while two cruise ships pleaded for Florida to allow them to dock to carry off the sick and dead.

The number of U.S. deaths could range from 100,000 to 240,000 even if Americans continue to stay home and limit contact with others, experts predicted at a media briefing with President Donald Trump. But they said they hope the figure won’t soar that high if everyone does their part to prevent the virus from spreading.

“I want every American to be prepared for the hard days that lie ahead,” said Trump, who has extended social distancing guidelines to April 30. “We’re going to go through a very tough two weeks.”

Elsewhere around the world, hard-hit Italy reported that the infection rate appears to be leveling off and new cases could start declining, but that the crisis is far from over. Spain struggled to fend off the collapse of its hospital system. Vladimir Putin’s Russia moved to crack down on quarantine violations and “fake news” about the outbreak. And China edged closer to normal as stores in the epicenter city of Wuhan began reopening.

Worldwide, nearly 860,000 people have been infected and over 42,000 have died, according to a tally kept by Johns Hopkins University. Italy and Spain accounted for half the deaths, while the U.S. had over 185,000 infections and about 3,900 dead. That’s above the official toll of about 3,300 in China, where the virus began.

New York was the nation’s deadliest hot spot, with about 1,550 deaths statewide, most of them in New York City, which braced for things to get much worse in the coming weeks.

At Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, critically ill COVID-19 patients are filling intensive care units, surgical floors and operating rooms and waiting in the emergency room for beds to become available, said Dr. Eric Wei of the city’s hospital agency.

“I’ve practiced emergency medicine for a long time, and I’m seeing things that I never could have imagined in terms of the things this virus can do to all ages, including people who were previously healthy,” he said.

A 1,000-bed emergency hospital set up at the mammoth Javits Convention Center began taking non-coronavirus patients to help relieve the city’s overwhelmed health system. A Navy hospital ship with 1,000 beds was expected to accept patients soon.

The indoor tennis center that is the site of the U.S. Open tournament is being turned into a hospital as well.

The city worked to bring in 250 out-of-town ambulances and 500 paramedics to deal with a crush of emergency calls. The fire commissioner said ambulances are responding to double their normal daily total of 3,000 calls to 911.

New York authorities also sought more volunteer health care professionals and hoped to have them on board by Thursday. Nearly 80,000 former nurses, doctors and others are said to be stepping forward.

Around the city, workers in protective gear have been seen putting bodies of victims into refrigerated trailers. At some hospitals, like Lenox Hill in Manhattan, the trucks are parked on the streets, along sidewalks and in front of apartments. Cars and buses passed by as corpses were loaded by forklift at Brooklyn Hospital Center. People captured some of the scenes by cellphone.

Meanwhile, two ships carrying passengers and crew from an ill-fated South American cruise are urging Florida officials to let them dock. Dozens aboard have reported flu-like symptoms, and four people have died. Two of the deaths have been blamed on COVID-19, and nine people have tested positive.

Gov. Ron DeSantis says Florida’s health care resources are already stretched too thin. Trump said he would speak with DeSantis and “do what’s right.”

Figures on deaths and infections around the world are supplied by government health authorities and compiled by Johns Hopkins.

But the numbers are regarded with skepticism by public health experts because of different counting practices, a lack of testing in places, the numerous mild cases that have been missed, and perhaps government efforts to downplay the severity of the crisis.

Hey peepel and fellow anti-americanists, stop your laughter! The fun stops when people are dying, ok? It’s no time to go Ha Ha!, it’s not funny anymore.

The fukn virus doesn’t know borders and makes no difference between, say, Trumpists and good people. Doesn’t discriminate between jews, muslims and xtians. Ok, Tim Curry, Keanu Reeves, hindus and particularly the buddhists have a better chance of survival but they are flawless human beings to begin with. 😉 And lets not forget Keith Richards. Despite ours and his own best effort he won’t die, coz he can’t die!

Tim Curry Picture

But aleady tomorrow it could be you or me. And I don’t know if the gov’mt of our host country is any better prepared to deal with a huge outbreak than the Americans. Guess not. At least they’re not so stubbornly clinging onto keeping the stores and manufacturing industry open and running until it’s too late.

How is yours doing? Feeling in good hands and well-managed?

Keanu Reeves Picture
Richards (not a zombie)



  1. Let s not kid ourselves. The death toll in China is likely to be in the tens of thousands (not 3300) as shown by the crowds coming to the crematoriums in Wuhan. They are said to have worked full time during February with staff doing extra hours. For one crematorium only, simple arithmetic leads to about 12k+ deaths! Ok, they may not be all covid-related, but still… 3300? Stop repeating that statistic, it is as false as anything coming out of Trump’s mouth!
    This virus is terrible and it is a killer! Stay home, stay safe. Practice physical distancing! Hopefully, we will get some cure and a vaccine before too long.

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    • Can’t trust the Chinks neither. As we know by now they first went the Trump route and denied any virus outbreak and then tried to play it down. And all the stuff afterwards, the fumigations, the international help, they use as propaganda instruments.
      But at least they’re really doing something, and mostly the right thing.
      Meanwhile in America …

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      • fortunately, not all Americans are as clueless as what is usually shown on social media. And one thing people in the rest of the world have trouble understanding is that the USA is a big DE-centralized country where the States have much latitude to decide what to do. And some governors are really showing what leadership should be! Of course, the actions would have been better managed and coordinated had we still have the permanent epidemic monitoring and command group set up by Obama but disbanded by the current president…. Keep safe!

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        • I knew the US is a hard to govern country and all the individual states have very different laws n stuff. What I didn’t know but only recently learned was that some states have kinda real borders inside the USA to cut them off from other states.
          I wonder, you’re quite an old country by now, in comparison to the EU. Still in Europe we managed to achieve a much more streamlined approach, our jurisdictional and police services work closely together and crossing from one country into another is less of a problem than crossing from one US state into the other.I can drive from Kiev (Ukraine) to Tarifa (Spain) without showing my passport even once. In the core EU often the border posts have been dismantled or been made fast food joints of.
          It’s this spirit of togetherness, of co-operation and synergy that seems to be missing in America. Am I seeing this kinda right?

          And no, most Europeans are as clueless and unpolitical as the Americans. It’s as always, just a small loud group of bloggers and YouTubers trying to create a new renaissance thru the power of the internet. 😉 The rest hates foreigners, supports right wing politics, is selfish and greedy and can’t even write a full sentence in their own respective languages. Not as smug and posh and cultivated and arrogant as Americans think of us.

          Also most Europeans love and adore America (coz USA = Disneyland) in all its aspects and wanna be just like you.

          Stay healthy, eat your veggies and wash your hands! 🙂

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  2. Trump has publicly stated that he doesn’t understand why states have gone from needing 2 ventilators per hospital to needing 40,000. Ditto for face mask orders going from 20,000 to 300,00. Clearly doesn’t understand a damn thing about the concept of a pandemic. But he’s in charge.
    Dr. Fucci has become a national hero for giving real facts but everyone noticed that the day after he contradicted dotard, he was absent from the daily briefing. Fortunately, someone prevented dotard from firing Dr Fucci and he’s now back on tv. He’s the one who gave the 100,000-240,000 death figure… dotard was saying it would be over by Easter.

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    • Ya, the completely over-optmistic easter thing even made it into this blog. And of course he doesn’t understand the need for far more face masks and respirators. Not a good deal in his salesman view.
      What a tool that man is.

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