Prison: Day 5


Better today. Maybe because I got some stuffz done yesterday. Got one load of whites washed … and hung to dry! … made food, loved my husband, blogged some shit, got roundabout 3 billion mails outta the way, and I watched Picard Ep. 5!

Am I good or am I good?

And I gotta say, Picard ain’t so bad. Not at all. I mean yes, of course it has its problems and is fundamentally silly but by far not as bad as the honoured Nerdrotic and other wannabe culture critics want us to believe.

Particularly episodes 4 and 5, directed by Jonathan Frakes – TNG’s Ryker – were lively and had some Eeeks! shocks and action in store for us. Who cares if Picard has lost the plot? He’s old af and the rest of the active personnel is doing fine without that old sod.

Like in her hayday, the good old Seven is still a guarantee for some quirkyness.

Solid entertainment. If they keep up that tempo I woudn’t mind a second season.

What else? Uh, yes, I wrote a little comparison LMDE4 vs Sparky and even came to a conclusion.

I liked Sparky better. But psssht, hush, you didn’t hear it from me. 😐

So I’m in much higher spirits today and will lay down again and sleep some more hours without any fomo.

Happy further quarantine y’all, wash your hands, eat your veggies and keep safe!




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