South Africa During Lockdown

Tragedy …

No social distancing for township dwellers.

… and fun are close relatives.

When you can’t get out there, you do the safari at home.

But some forms of social distancing may cause social tensions:

White privilege?

In case you didn’t know, braai is the Afrikaans word for BBQ … only with much better quality meat. πŸ˜‰ (Video in link)




  1. Yeah, I see how that could cause some upset. Their social distancing is fine but not cool when others don’t have the luxury of space!

    I’m shocked I haven’t seen the “safari” on the overnight news… it’s exactly their kind of thing. Maybe I’ll submit it.

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    • That neighbourhood didn’t look very classy, those were everything but privileged people. I mean of course every family there has a (black) cleaner once or twice a week, most probably no sleep-in maids and no gardeners. So lower low middle class it looked like. And their behaviour was very … pedestrian at best. :/

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