Prison: Day 4

Aloha and a good sunny Sunday Monday morning everybody!

Ok, was that cheery enough, did it get your juices flowing? Goody. Coz I, myself, don’t feel so great, am rather tired, actually really tired and half asleep … but, like, totally nervous and wanna become productive and get my creative juices flowing. Dunno if you know that feeling, that mix of being antsy but too tired and apathetic to do get anything done, to even start anything.

It’s Monday isn’t it? Not Sunday. Hardly locked away for three days and I’m already losing the concept of time and date. :/ And that it flows and progresses n stuffz …

However, show must go on, progress must be made, breakfast must be prepared and eaten, which I promised myself to do, right after I’m done with this entry in my digital diary.

My “German” breakfast.

So what happened up to this point?

Not much. That I can tell you. At least I managed to download episode 5 of Picard … but didn’t have the heart and calm mind to watch it. Although it seems the show and Picard is slowly going somewhere. They finally got a ship and a skipper and towards the very end of episode 4, Seven of Nine appears, cracks a cool wittycism and loses conscience. I should be excited to see what she’ll bring to the table and how the show develops from here on out. Shouldn’t I? Shouldn’t we all?
Still a hottie, but in 2020 of course a strong lesbian female hero. The leather jacket says it all! Seems with advancing age we ladies get wiser and more tasteful in the choices of our partners.

Guys, I never was a huge Star Trek fan but I know kinda exactly that Picard and Seven shouldn’t know of each other, as Picard was in TNG and Seven was in Voyager. They never had any interaction, their ships never crossed paths. Still when Seven is beamed aboard, Picard recognizes her immediately … and then she falls unconscious. So that conondrum is what concerns me; not how this lame show will unfold or if Seven can blow some life into it. I was just facinated by the stupidity of the screenplay writers.

LMDE4 ready to go.

What else? Yes, the USB stick with LMDE4 is sitting on my desk, waiting to be installed on Gaga. Have I done anything in that regard? No. Of course not! I rather watch the most boring YouTube videos, and don’t move a finger, while my mind is climbing up the walls.

But, okay, know what? I’m gonna do it nownow!

Right after breakfast … and brushing my teeth and taking a shower and washing at least one load of whites and … do I really have to?

Hope y’alls are doing well, or at least betterer than me, wash your hands, stay inside (it’s quite literally the least you can do) and stay healthy! You owe it to your loved ones and your families. And if you won’t do it for them, then do it for the fukn humanity!

The survival of the species depends on your behaviour, ffs!




  1. 4 shows in and there rolling out the big boobs. Doesn’t sound like a good sign for Picard. Luckily I have a huge collection of incomplete chores to keep me busy. Staying home staying safe, wondering just how awful prison life must be

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    • Oh well, I haven’t seen Seven’s return under that special light you’re shining at it Neil. Boobies are such great special weapons, they can even save the worst TV shows! πŸ™‚ But from what I hear in the case of Picard there is no return from the dead. I guess the chapter Star Trek is closed now.

      And don’t get me started on chores. 😦

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  2. It will be interesting to me to see how people eventually adapt to returning to offices after weeks/months of keeping their own schedules. I hope employers figure out that having everyone work the same hours is rarely necessary for desk jobs.

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    • Fortunately I was always working for companies with flexible working hours, which got me a lot of extra free days in the end. Particularly my IT job was good for that. Working up to 60 hours/week, often coming in on weekends and nights, we rightfully expected the same flexibility from our bosses.


  3. Thank you for pioneering the quarantine blues Orca. My lock down begins today. Hope I manage to stay productive, but I doubt it. If you catch me watching any Star Trek videos though, you’ll know I’ve gone over the deep end.

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    • Hai Becca.

      our situation is a bit different from most active people with rich social lives, as hubs and me don’t do that kind of stuff. We’re both of the introvert/sociophobe type and very private people. For us locking ourselves away is normal. Sometimes even the idea of sharing a place with another human being – even if married to that guy – overwhelmes me.

      And as the chief movie reviewer on this blog I can watch every kind of shite, even nonsense like Picard, without having to feel ashamed. Coz it’s “my job” to watch all kinds of shit. πŸ™‚ And, honestly, watching Star Trek videos usually doesn’t hurt but can be light intellectual entertainment. ST has always been rather good in that aspect. Escapist, yeah, but not in a stupid Stan & Ollie way. From the sociological structure of the ST society and economic structure to the organisation Star Fleet itself. All kinda fascinating. ^.^ And it was quite a well thought-out universe with its own logical rules … until JJ Abrams came along and ruined it all with the last three ST movies, and now the fukn SJW’s of Discovery and Picard are making it worse.

      Anyhoo, have fun in lockdown, wash ya hands and stay healthy. Can you continue to do your job from home or have you been “vacationized”?



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