LMDE 4: A Quick Check

Hmm, dunno why I was so hesitant to install Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 on little Gaga. Did I expect some spectacular failure, some major system fukkyuppy? No. And of course nothing happened. Installation went quick and was very easy, even for houswifey me. No problem.

But I didn’t install LMDE4 to test it on itself and find out if it is a good Linux distro, but I wanted to compare it to my chosen n00b-friendly easypeasy distro Sparky. And it’s gotta be said, LMDE made a very good impression, right from the get-go it showed me and Sparky who’s the big fat mofo in the house. Everything looked very professional, as we know it from Mint.

That’s not to say that Sparky was bad in that regard; installation went quick and without a single problem, so the difference between LMDE and Sparky was rather cosmetically.

But now let’s have a look into the experience:

Directly after installation and restart I can’t see any differences to the normal Ubuntu-Mint. My memory is bad but maybe we have some less deviating “What you must do first” shit.
First steps let me ignore the Snapshots stuff, which suits me quite well. And initial update ended with a Debian-typical “nothing to do” message. 🙂 So I could start with beautification immediately.
After that was halfways done, here is my first official view at LMDE4 with Cinnamon desktop. Nice and unspectacular. Mate-friend Orca liked the minmalistic approach immediately.
Firefox as standard webbrowser is a perfect choice. Orcablog was quickly showing up, as if we’d expected anything else. 😉
Okay, the choice of search engines is not for me, but a question of taste entirely, and in a few minutes displaced by your own chosen machines.
But then! Downloading my face SL viewer Singularity’s alpha-version went only through after two failures. :/
… and starting the viewer didn’t work at all.
Even after re-download no joy. Yes, of course we can remedy that little ooopsie … but why? I want my SL viewer so I can play in SL, not to let out my carefully hidden inner geek. So this fukup alone is reason for me to keep Sparky as my top recommendation as general operating system. Oh, and Sparky is available in Mate flavour, which is most tasty for me.
Archman (left) is my personal bestest Linux distro! LMDE4 (right) just didn’t quite cut it as recommended everyday system for the distro-agnostic new user. Close but no cigar. 😐

Okayyyy, after this quick peek my recommendations list remains unchanged:

For experts and static Orca: Archman GNU/Linux

For new users, all users, all around users and traveling Orca: Sparky Linux

Okay, time to play with hubby. 😉




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