Buncha Aholes! :(

Look at this website:

You know this view from Thar She Blows!

Yes, it’s the site of our local branch of Virgin Active fitness clubs (not really, there are two closer by, that I don’t like).

Yes, the club is closed during the lockdown.

Still not a single mention of the COVID-19 situation and the subsequent closing on the website. Not locally, not countrywide. Business as usual is what is suggested here!

I mean, come on, honest now: Wouldn’t you, as responsible club manager or CEO of the franchise, mention the closing on your website? As a service? Or at least as virtue signaling? We consumers know everything non-essential is closed down now, yes; still why act like nothing has happened? Why act like you are an essential service?

As it looks they don’t even have a twittertwatter account. 😦

That’s poor sportsmanship. 😐

And poor business ethics as well.

Back in better times …


One comment

  1. A lot of local business also haven’t updated websites… primarily because closures are considered general knowledge.
    Most updates are for businesses that are still open but with new policies… take away only or becoming pop-up grocery sellers.

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