Second Life’s Lab Gab Episode 19 – Ebbe & Brett Linden

This is the companion piece to Inara’s blogstory:

Lab Gab is a live-streamed variety show that showcases events, destinations, and different talents across Second Life. Tune in on Friday, March 27th at 10am PT/SLT. Details here:…

Topics discussed in this episode: A Message from Ebbe:… Second Life to Expand Support & Reduce Prices for Education & Nonprofits:… Remote Solutions for Conferences, Events, or Classes: The Heart and Science of Second Life Marketing:… Introducing the Second Life Book Club & Showcase Streams:…

Hearing Ebbe speak makes him even more creepy than reading his goobledigook statements. Nothing but fluff and waffle. 😦

I just waited for Berry to barf on the table.

BTW, that table thingie, doesn’t it look like a poledancer’s platform to you? Or like a giant BDSM cuff? Irks me since LabGab’s first episode. Not that I’m particularly against those things, having earned my money working the pole in a strip club myself when I was a n00b (anyone remembering Demonic?). But they are trying to give themself a respectable image, and this is, like, totally wrong. 😦



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