Prison: Day 2


Tired, o so tired. Dunno why but somehow I’m fukn rundown and don’t feel up to anything. At least I put LMDE4 on a thumbdrive …


… will maybe install it on Gaga later today. Or tomorrow. Or at some undisclosed point in the future. Meh. 😐

See? That’s what I meant when I stated all we Linux bloggers are running out of topics to post about. I’m not the least bit curious about LMDE and if it’s running ok on Gaga or not and what surprises are waiting for me. Every Joe Schmoe and their granny have blogged and YouTubed about LMDE4 in the last couple days, and everyone seemed to be quite happy with the product’s mintyness. As was to be expected. When Clem and his gang releasing a Mint version of anything, often much later than all the other distros, we can be quite sure about a high standard of quality … and the extra dose of mintyness.

And as I’ve stated yesterday, this is only about the, kinda insignificant, decision what will be the second distro on my recommendations list: Sparky or LMDE4. My list consists only of two items: Archman (for advenced users and Orca) and one mainstream, easy to use, still not childish. distro. Recently Sparky (the Debian  for human beings) kicked Mint 19.3 off the list. Now Mint has a chance to come back with their own spin on Debian. I can promise you already it won’t be easy for Mint. :/

LMDE4 being only available in Cinnamon flavour is already a huge disadvantage. Not delivering granny Orca’s fave DE, the old style Mate, was a huge mistake, Clem. You were the chosen one – but you disappoint me again and again. 😦

But we’ll see about that … sometime laterz.


Haha, I was also snooping around the intestines of this here bloggo, looking for a storage space upgrade and on the way stumbled upon a couple statistics. See that? With some distance the most viewed post is still the one about that nice little arthouse movie project 2 Girls 1 Cup. OMfG! 😮

I blogged that offensive schmutz as a joke, kinda poking fun about how revolting and cheaply made that video was. But this kak obviously has many fans in the international porn scene. And this is quite an old post, going on 3 years. still on top of the most searched items in my blog. 😦

Does that mean if I wanna get more subscribers and “readers” all I have to do is linking to some pervert porn videos?

Ok, off with me. Talkin’ ’bout schmutz, gotta watch another episode of Star Trek: Picard. :/ That stuff is impossible to binge. One episode a day is more than enough. Really.



  1. I feel the same as you LMDE is not well-supported, which is a shame, Im hanging on for ubuntu 20.04 to get minted. I have even started using windows again on a few old machines – only for 3d work no Personal info on them. Remote access is just simpler to set up. I dont have the space to sit multiple machines on a top.

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    • Clem said already years ago, they were really excited about LMDE … only to curb it all by saying LMDE is meant for emergencies, in case Ubuntu/Canonical goes up in flames or sumfink. And when he got rid of XFCE and Mate desktops I knew he wasn’t really invested into his best, most ambitious project anymore.

      I guess, if the Mint team would put a bit more pressure and power behind LMDE, they could be where MX is now. Above the regular Ubu-Mint! Number fucking one Linux OS in the world!


    • Weird, isn’t it leendadll?
      Me, I’m a weirdo, spending my whole life half-asleep but all the others, the normal people with a usually functional social and work life? Now, for the first time in their lifes, they have time to spare and do all the things they always wanted to do if their American lifestyle wasn’t in the way … and now all is gone [insert deflating balloon noise here]. 😮


      • I was an uber extrovert till 3yrs ago. Now it feels like life was prepping me. Ditto for the fact that, until late Jan, I tended to barely have enough tp in the house but suddenly had a strong drive to stock extra.

        I’m a natural night owl and loving that the daytime has become almost as calm.

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    • Last time I frequented a RL club was, like, OMG, when was it, 30 years ago or somewhere around that time. Me and hubby (BF back then) were already together, and both of us felt kinda out of place there and, yes, too fukn old. 😮 I guess iif you still have that FOMO feeling when you’re not going out for partying, in your mid-twenties, you did something wrong basically wrong in your life. Because by then you should have found more meaningful ways of spending your free time than going in a club and shout Whooo!

      Anyways, hope your cabin fever is under control and you’re doing good.


      • lol… I didn’t start clubbing till I was 26. Stopped at 50ish. I didn’t go to stereotypical pick-up clubs.. the places I went were more like any number of “bizarre” clubs on Law&Order. All walks of life, all manner of clothing and costumes, and I was rarely the oldest person there.

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        • That’s my sort of club. When I was a youngling it was all about the music for me, any my fave club had the bestetst DJ in town. It was like he went across the channel at least once a month and came back with the hottest new British shit. So we danced to many songs looong before they hit the charts or were even avialable in Germany.


          • I used to describe the club as “if you wanna go, dressed as a squirrel in the middle of July, all that will happen is that you’ll find who’s really turned on by squirrels.” I miss that place… I’m still friends with one of the gogo dancers, Shannon Chromegirl. Google her to get an idea of the former club’s vibe.

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