Back to basics. New normal.

“I don’t think once this all is over, we will return to our usual lives so easily.”
…. writes Isabelle Cheren – yes the one that just was on Lab Gab with Strawberry – in her latest blogpost and leaves me scratching my prettyful noggin. This, my dear friends, this what many of you think of as a ‘back to basics’ kinda life, only endurable in times of crisis, this is everyday reality for hubby and me and billions of pensioners, sick and disabled people.

And pretty much everybody with a sound outlook on life, and not being infected with the American virus of More! More! Moar! and instant gratification.

Our fridge is full, we have enough bogrolls for the next couple weeks, tank of the van is filled up, internet fast and bottomless, life is good.

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Isabelle Cheren

Do you feel like we have slowly been going back in time and suddenly we now find ourselves having the time to spend doing all those things we put off?

Me neither!

Unfortunately unlike many other people who now find time on their hands and may be suffering some itchy boredoms, my day is still the same as always albeit the silence which was my friend is not so currently.

I value my alone time, I need it. In fact it is essential for my mental well being. So if you read about a woman who loses her shizzle, that will be me.

When Mr Corona Virus decided to spread its ugly tentacles to the world, it did so with such severity it took control of all our lives. Its ending many lives prematurely and making living lives more difficult because of the things we have got so used to.

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