The End of Days Have Arrived

… and the weirdos come out to play.

No, he died coz the Romans simply had enough of his nonsense.

This manic street preacher went on for hours, probably is still shouting about that nothing bad will happen to us coz a certain Jezuz Krist created this world and loves it very much.

Ok, that’s good to hear. I’d be inconsolable if anything bad would happen to this lovely planet. Anyhoo, guy didn’t say anything about us hoomans, and if we’d also survive the virus. 😐

But anyway, any of you ever noticed what inconsiderate assholes xtians often are? See, manic street preacher obviously wasn’t alone, so me and some guy were queing up to get into the supermarket and were chatting about Oubaas’ lovely V6 engine when one of the preacher’s minions approached us and just started talking and wanted to tell us about Jesus. That man and I looked at him and told him he was interrupting our conversation. He didn’t seem bothered, smiled creepily beatific and kept on telling us about his lord until we both shouted “FUCK OFF!”

And not even that seemed to bother him, so I went away. What an absolute asswipe! 😮

Now I have to chant some healing mantras for the next couple days in order to calm myself and to get rid of that creep’s negative energy. 😦



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