Everybody’s Bored in Lockdown

Yes, Allah’s children, too.

And from midnight today Orca and her hubby will join the choir, for 3 weeks in gorgeous social distancing lockdown.

Oh, here, let me show you something. Our quarantine:


That area inside the yellow rectangle is our little security complex, a fenced in community, a mini hamlet, 117 or so units. 117 families, couples and singles. People of all colours, sexes from Apache helicopters to normie boyz n gurlz, and persuasions. Hard working workers, kidz, senor cititzens and slackers like yours truly. Heard nothing about we cannot move freely inside our dorpie and go jogging along the dorpstraat. It’s a couple hundred meters long, so good for training.

And if we wanna, I guess we can hike in the wetlands area and spend some sunny, swampy hours of birdwatching and snakebiting fun there.

One politician even said he can’t see any reason to disallow joggers doing their rounds on the beaches … but he was quickly overruled. Beaches are off limits now. Or from midnight on. Hmm, guess I can see why that is. 😐

Anyway, there is fortunately not nearly enough police in the streets outside to check up on everyone of us. They would only ever come inside the complex if we alert them. We’re not a police state like America but have certain civil rights here. =^.^= And after 18 years of living here we’ve still not figured out their emergency number. Uh ok, it’s 10111. It’s so cool if you have an internet and a search engine. 😉

But if we misbehave we shall feel the full force of the authorities!



  1. My little dorpie is a rectangular pile of bricks standing three of five storeys tall, the beautiful beach is going to be desert-ed just 293m away for the duration. The ‘hood’s dawgs plan to become fat cats in 3 weeks.

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    • 5 storeys? I could never live that high up. 😮
      But beach only 293 meters away sounds lovely. We are 3 or 4 km off the beach up here. :/
      And I guess the countless cats n dogs of the complex won’t care about the quarantine one way or another.


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