Ugh. :/ Noooo!!! Better Not! :o

Don’t listen to Trump. Don’t go to church on Easter and die. Trump is a reckless idiot.

Peoples, the timing of ending the lockdown and opening up for business again is not a matter of politicians’ wishful thinking but of scientific realities. Easter is in about 2 weeks, right? Yeah, the Old Farmer’s Almanac places Easter Sunday at April, 12th.

That would mean millions of holiday makers on the highways and beaches and campgrounds for this traditionally long weekend. And that would be totally catastrophic and counterproductive for our weeks of self-isolation and social distancing. It would reactivate the spread of Coronavirus

So if you don’t wanna die, go out, find Trump and hit him with your unsanitized hand, right in the fugly snout! That man is dangerous without even realizing it! 😮

Yes, right, China has been through a lot, and now they are almost good and done with it, because their president isn’t a megalomanical asswipe.



  1. Oh yeah def! I agree with you my friend, Easter would be way too early, but I think Trump is being optimistic, I think that date wasn’t set in stone, I’m not a huge fan of his but I think he’s doing a decent job,/ <- I'm sure I'll get razzed for saying something positive about Trump lol :P/ let's hope that relief bill passes without all that extra posturing of sides. Now isn't the time to talk about carbon footprints (I'm aware its an important issue but the virus & relief for people out of work because of it should be the upmost importance) I love your blog content Orca! hugzz (I soooo dislike politics LOL)

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    • “something positive about Trump”
      He’s not Hillary, that’s one positive thing we can state, and I guess most ppl would agree. With a prez Hilary we’d all be dead by now. That’s how she operates.
      Also Trump’s a businessman, always looking for a short term profitable deal which makes him predictable. And thx to him the Trans Atlantic Trade thingie is off the table, a contract that would’ve brought our European civil rights down to American level. Guess we gotta be thankful for that, even if it wasn’t his intention.

      Thx for the compliment, Cherri. You’re one of the very few fashion blogs I subscribbled to.

      You and yours eat your veggies, wash your hands and stay healthy, ok?

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      • Hugzz Orca thankies will do, we’re all following the rules hereat home and more! I feel a “bit” down not being able to see my fiancé but thank heavens for FaceTime, all is well here spirits are high, thank you for subbing to my blog although its generally fashion one of my fav things is to add vlogger/bloggers links I follow so my readers get a wide range of SL content,please stay safe and keep your posts coming luv ya!


  2. I am among those praying that covid wipes out all those old rich white male politicians!!
    Even if dotard lifts the order, California will remain on “shelter at home” status… though compliance is hard to predict.

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    • Hubby and me, we are mostly hanging out at home anyway, cocooning in coz we are too old for clubbing and partying n shit. So for us not much will change in the next 3 weeks.

      Much luck and health for you and yours Lee.


        • No idea. We’re living in a complex, a fenced in mini-village, and I guess what we do inside here is of no concern for the authorities. Also we are permitted to get out for essentials, and there is not nearly enough police to keep a lid on all of us anyway. This ain’t a police state, this ain’t America. Everything is a good deal more relaxed down here.


          • I keep thinking of the countries where it’s illegal to step out your door unless it’s for an essential activity. We still have freedom to leave our homes, which is where confusion is coming in. Because it’s not illegal, people don’t understand that we’re supposed to stay inside, or at least within the confines of our property, as much as possible.

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        • No fukn idea. Who cares about such small details?
          We always stay indoors … until we have any outdoors business. 🙂


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