The Wurst Part of the Coronavirus

In Hamburg’s infamous redlight district St. Pauli, legendary pub Elbschlosskeller had to put in a new door lock. Reason: the pub hadn’t closed its doors since 70 years. The lock was probably corroded and didn’t move no more.

Now they had to close on gov’mt orders when Germany went on lockdown.

COVID-19 is destroying legends. 😦

They obviously were even open during the storm tide of 1962. A basement dive so close by the river. 😮 But the beer flood couldn’t be interrupted. Respect! Legend has it we Hamburgers are born in rubberboots, so a little water on the floor can’t stop the party.
Of course “Germany’s Hardest Pub!” is on facebook.

Hey, that’s just a few doors down  from my tattooist. =^.^=

„Keller”-Wirt Daniel Schmidt (34) am Tresen seiner Kneipe

Trans, disabled, drunk out of their mind. Nevertheless not an SJW! Because SJW’s would find this dingy hole and its patrons “problematic”.



    • And they have the gull to declare pubs as non-essential. Those dirty little places are very essential for many people. More essential than the silly townhall anyway.
      Stay safe and healthy, Daniel, wash your hands, don’t touch your face but your keyboard even more, and use the isolation to write as many blogs as possible!

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    • Most hated persons in the world, enemies of humanity: Social Justice Warriors. 😮
      The kind of people responsible for all the bad Hollywood movies lately, the people who ushered Linus Torvalds into temporary retiring from the Linux Kernel group, the non-binary people and Apache Helicopters who don’t believe in meritocracy but insist on well-payed jobs anyway. Totally spoiled egomaniacal little monsters who see everything as problematic and are super easy to trigger and shock.


        • I’m all forSocial Justice, socialdemocrat and unionist since early childhood, a true lefty, a traditional lefty from a time when left and right where still kinda rigid concepts. Good people = left, assholes = right. But these SJWs are none of that. Totally irresponsible monsters.


          • Yeah. The first result was about one extremist pushing to forego science and western med in favor of witchcraft. With the ‘supporting’ argument that there are spells for people to be struck by lightning, and people are sometimes struck by lightning, therefore the spells work.

            Ohhhhhkaaay then.

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            • Oké they are usually more politically agitated and will chew you out if you don’t use the politically correct speach patterns and correct gender names, or dare to defend free speech or use logic in your reasonings. Reason is the last thing they accept, as they just wanna be in the poor victims role.

              We must be careful since being a lefty today brings you in close proximity with nazis. I don’t understand the world anymore. :/


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