The Real Original Versions *EDIT*

Good morning my happily isolated friends.

I hope you’re thoroughly enjoying your glorious solitude. At least we got the most versatile and useful life-helper of the early 21th century, our computers. And we got tiiiime!

I’m using mine to grab some internet jewels. In these times of fakes and falsifications I guess it’s about time we give a listen to some of the orginal, almost forgotten popsongs again:

The untalented English fokkaz of the Black Sabbath boy band blatantly stole Samantha Fish’s original composition War Pigs: Let’s watch her do her magical thing:

And another song that was shamelessly stolen from the Gov’t Mule by newcomers Fleetwood Mac:

And even German bands fell victim to the counterfeiters:

Yes, Guns’n’Roses cover version sold more records but always lacked accordion … and Bavarian cleavage!

AC/DC urgently needed more banjo …

… and a singer that doesn’t pull out your nerves.

Hubby just said that’s three times more bags than girls. Then he noticed it’s only one girl. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Still 3 bags, 1 girl.

Rammstein got their teensie little bit of inspiration from mother Russia.

Metallica really fuked up this timeless classical piece by Apocalyptica.

The untalented youngsters of the Rammstein disco band also covered this classic colab by Apocalyptica and punk’s grandma Nina Hagen.


Of course the norsemen of A-ha had to cover Lake Street Dive’s original Take on Me. That’s why they are already forgotten while the Lake Street boyz n gurlz are lining up hit after hit.

Who could ever forget Norah Jones’ timeless classic Black Hole Sun, so shamelessly counterfeited by those Seattle brutes of Soundgarden.

And then the queer Queen Freddy Mercury also had to borrow this fancy original piece from Lake Street Dive.

But infamous British glitter band Sweet really overdid it by covering Fox on the Run already, like, 40 years before any members of The Regrettes were even born! That’s some chutzpah, guys. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


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