Empty Mailbox


Worked my inbox about three or four hours ago, checked and answered all mails as I usually do – yes readers, you all get my personal attention, I read and react to everything – and usually there would be the next bunch of 20 – 30 mails be waiting for me.

But not now.

What went wrong? Aren’t y’all sitting at home, bored out of your skullz, with nothing better to do than scam poor little Orcsi and flood her mailbox with clever commentary and new stories on your own blogs?

Not even the usually so abundantly productive and always joyfully informative Inara has a new blogstory? Nothing? All empty? You guys leave me no other choice, and for the first time in weeks I will switch off my main computer and go to bed. 😐

Don’t know if I can even sleep under these conditions. 😮


Hmm, guess I’ll manage somehow. 😐



    • Haha. Everybody. Software is always needed and kinda essential, even during a zombie outbreak. And we all need software, particularly in times like this. I guess I’m even gonna install LMDE4 today, and maybe write one of my clueless reviews about it … just because I have all the tim … hey, wait a little. Don’t I spend 99% of my waking time right here at my desk anyway? Nothing really changed for me. And we can go out today and tomorrow anyway. The lockdown is in effect from Thursday midnight only.


        • But we can go out, to buy groceries for example. And medicines. It’s my decision if I get our foodstuff from the convenience store around the corner or the better and cheaper one 3 suburbs over. 🙂
          And we don’t have nearly enough police to keep a lid on all of us.
          Also our complex is some hundred meters long, I guess going for a walk inside the premises isn’t a problem neither.


          • I’m taking our directive to stay home as it’s intended… staying home, not even leaving my property unless it’s essential. But a lot of people are viewing it as more of a ‘suggestion’ and still going out on impulse.

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            • Hmmm, at least hubby and me, we’re gonna stay put unless we need food supplies. I mean who’s manning my blogging desk when I’m not at home? I’ve got kinda obligation to stay @home.;)

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