Linux Mint Debian Edition 4

Okay, we got it now: When Mint lets a fart slip the Linux world goes crazy.

And that is good and ok. Mint wouldn’t be the awesome distro without having a huge following and many people really caring about anything Clem and his fellow Minty devs do. I even think most of the Mint users would much prefer to use a Debian based version if … ya, if Clem and the boys wouldn’t treat it like a spare tyre. But at least they finally ported LMDE over to Debian 10 now and introduced some positive changes to the old warhorse.

After Joe and Rob and Eznix, now Tom made an LMDE4 review video as well:

Today we will have a look at the new LMDE4 that was just released. This build is based on Debian 10 Buster, supports Secure Boot, and many more improvements that bring LMDE very close to the Ubuntu-based Linux Mint 19.3.


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