The Prez has Spoken!

El Presidente sent everybody home

No, I didn’t read the much too long speech, I’m not stupid you know. The gist is that from Thursday on South Africa is on lockdown, for 3 weeks. That means tomorrow will be the big panic shopping day and then we’re all under house arrest and can only play outside if we really really wanna. Or have to.

Gas Stations, pharmacies, hospitals, health care professionals, drug stores, dispensaries, convenience stores and supermarkets can stay open.

So, now finally Cape Town and the sad rest of the republic will join the rest of the world in solitude. 😉

93 m² incl. garden and backyard, is all the space we have to play for the next 3 weeks. 😦



  1. So sorry!!! We’re still allowed to go outside our homes. And about 6 states haven’t bothered to close schools yet (idiots!).

    At least you have Linux and your online fantasy world(s) to escape to!

    Stay safe!

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    • … and lots of yet unwatched movies to review, and a husband to love and and and …

      You stay safe and healthy too Leendadll


    • Was one of the few wars my sympathy is with the boers. They, respectively their women and children, were effectively the first people thrown into “concentration camps”. Well, back at that time Britannia was still ruling the waves and could take what they wanted.
      Good for us so we can get along here with our rudimentary English skills and didn’t have to learn Afrikaans.;)


    • It’s early, we’re not on lockdown yet, so I’ll try to be at the pharmacy first thing whe they open up at 9 a.m. And then buy a lotta green shit for added healthyness and more lekka. And you’re right, Silber. I took your advice to heart and didn’t frequent the gym yesterday.and neither will I do today. Get my shopping done and back home and so richtig gemütlich einigeln. I guess the English call it cocooning, which sounds like a hygge concept. 😉

      Fortunately virtual Orca just turned android, plus she’s tucked away in her new skybox, so she can’t be infected with anything:

      Stay safe over there, Silbi


    • Same to you and yours, Neil. I’ve just found out we’re going into lockdown only on friday, coz that’s what Thursday midnight obviously means … no? Why must English be such a wishywashy inaccurate language?
      Anyhoo, keep your head up, eat your veggies and let’s all have a nice relaxed time.


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