Some WordPress Help Please

Mörnings piepel in general and fellow WP bloggaz in special,

since some days WordPress giving me problemz. Lemme show you:

This is some blogstory of yesterday as it appears in this blog. Not a nice layout, rather cramped and unairy claustrophobic. 😮
This is what it looked like in the oldschool WP editor, and how I expect it to be published. And just half an hour earlier WP wouldn’t show a YouTube video but just show the URL. 😦

What went wrong?

Just some harmless WP maintenance … or is it kinda revenge by Automattic’s “happyness engineers” for a broad refusal by 99% of the customers to use their new super bad and evil Gutenberg editor?

Is it time to look for a new blog home already? But who is better than WP?

I don’t know much but I know with certainty that I’m not gonna use Gutenberg!
Truly adorbs, and I like those hats. But this ain’t the modern way of blogging in  the 21st century.

Guys, you had any similar experiences lately, what do you think is the reason for those technical fukups, and where can we find a new home for our bloggos if shtf?



  1. 🤔 An interesting glitch indeed.

    For quite some time, WordPress went into the direction of the Gutenberg Editor.

    So, there is the probability of the Classic Editor being neglected.

    To make sure that it is not some type of fluke, I would like to recommend that you publish another blog post using a different web browser (There are those moments when WordPress is not at fault).

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    • Uh ok, so you think it’s the way a browser renders the blog? Hmm, but what browser can I take? You know I’m politically and morally restricted and can’t use anything by Google, Microsoft or Apple or so.
      OTOH fuk it, I love YouTube so I can use Googleshit. I’ll try Chromium.

      Buuut, much more important, how does the post appear on your computer, Renard? More like the one in editor or the fugly finished version?


    • Yes, sometimes they are. But it’s now 2 days without any change.
      I guess our happyness engineers have given up on the classic editor, so it’s time fror me to look for greener pastures elsewhere.


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