Pfff Chromium :/

Hi Renard and everybody else,

now I’ve installed Chromium and went back to the blogpost in question  for the rendering test and …

Same shit as before. 😦

I didn’t expect any different outcome to be honest. Firefox is famous for the most realistic display of websites. Something IE always struggled with. Anyway, Chromium does it obviously as good and true as Firefox. The font seems o be a bit smaller but that’s all. So the problem lies with WordPress. 😐

Okay, one question is still open: Where do we go from here? I don’t wanna go back to Google’s BlogSpot, and I don’t know if Wix and Weebly et al are any good as blogmachines.

Any idea, anyone?



  1. Hi Tom, I was never away from classic editor, apart from a 5 minute test of Gutenberg. Went back immediately. I could bet in Gutenberg people don’t have any problems. But I won’t go there. When I write a blog all I want is an empty page of white paper and some tools in the edit bar. Just like any word processor. What is that nonsense with blocks n shit even all about?


    • They will probably tell me to switch to Gutenberg. Also this was the first and only uncorrigible error yet, so I’ll let it slip.
      For now.
      Wordpress, we’re watching you!

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    • I was never at G+, as I try to stay away from everything Google. If it’s similar to G+ it’s not a replacement for a blog, or is it?
      I just looked it up, it’s a social network! 😮 Eeeeeks! Entirely not what I’m looking for, as I am only social when I’m offline.

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