Marvel Doubles Down!

Idiots wil be idiots. Completely unfazed by the 119.000 downvotes of the New Warriors comic book trailer, now they bring us totally woke X-Men youngsters in Children of the Atom. One of them a moderator of the Mutants subreddit. Oh what super mutant powers! 😮

Watch this shit:

And they are already eagerly collecting downvotes. 😦

All that in a time when most comic book shops are fighting for their survival, closing down or going bankrupt, all the big publishing houses think about is to satisfy the teenietiny non-customer, not-buying, not-spending clique of non-binary woke SJW muppets, while totally neglecting the only group that really cares about comics and spends worthwile amounts of money for those things. The mostly male, mostly adult, mostly well-educated and mostly straight thinking comic book fans. The earnest people.

Male = bad. Overweight and diverse = ok. Buys not one but 3 comics = don’t care. :/
Girls in comic book store. Legend. Unrealistic.
Totally realistic comic book store customers.


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