Hand Sanitizer

Ohayo fellow COVID refugees

The more aware of you guys might have noticed the recent subheader of this here bloggo:

My Kingdom for a Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

And as it so happens your editrix is not stupid, not completely, and thought to herself “Hm, why not indeed buying a bottle of that shit?” and drove down to the local shopping mall in order to aquire one or two bottles of that stuff.

And then … fuk! The situation seems more dire than I’d thought. Both our biggest pharmacies are sold out … like, completely! Fukn 3rd world country, and their unorganized inventory mis-management.

But look at their websites and there they suddenly are the adults in the room:

Sold out. 😮

Met a group of loudly chatting store clerks and forced them to look at me long enough so I could ask them where to find the hand san… Noooo, we sold out, everything gone.

Shitshitshit. 😐

Sold out, too. 😦

After the disappointment at Dis-Chem I schlepped my poor potentially sick carcass to Clicks, where a young friendly lady at the entrance spritzed me generously. And when I told her that I needed exactly that stuff and where could I find it please, she also just shook her head. Obviously, she was sorry to have wasted so much hand sanitizer for no profit. 😦

At least we have masses of shower gel and normal handwash fluid at home and use it generously. Also we have ourselves kinda self-quarantined, like most of you hopefully have too. Social distancing is a thing, and it’s reality now.

No sanitizer, but clean enough I guess.

So how is everyone doing? Okay so far?


Can’t be. There are hundreds of Linux distros to be installed, milions of YouTube videos to be watched, lots of subreddits to be read, cars to be washed, gardens to be tended to, garages, basements and attics to be cleaned out, walls to be painted, love to be made, hairs to be cut, nails to be clipped, Ikea furnitures to be assembled, paper planes to be flown, blogs to be written, lonely beaches to be walked, foreign languages to be learned.

And, hey, where that came from I have more. So if you really feel bored, just ask me for something to do.

I will help you. =^.^=

No time for viruses, we’re never bored.


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