My Day With COVID-19


Still no panic at the fairest cape, because …

We’re allowed to play outside! 🙂

Although …

Bish got infected in exotic high risk country Germany. Who ever visits that shithole anyway?

Anyhoo, life goes on, doesn’t it? So I left the house as usual. Going to the gym …

At the reception counter of the health club we must scan our member cards ourselves. Wurst service ever! 😦 And I noticed the club appeared to be kinda dead. Usually we are 20 – 30 bishies in the pool on Saturdays, today we were 5 little ladies in a much too big pool. And all the treadmills and stationary bikes and other torture instruments were empty as well.
New rules in the sauna’s Turkish steam room: Max 2 peeps with at least 1 metre social distancing, and only 15 minutes per session. I guess sauna is perfect for driving all germs and virae out of the human body, no?
Not the ghost town feeling of Europe and America. Parking lot of the Food Lover’s Market was brimming with life. Notice how practical the setup is for me? Health Club and grocer both share the same premises.
Some stealth photos from inside the store. Business as usual. Kids all want their veggies.
SERVICE! 🙂 Of course it slows the shopping experience down considerably.
I saw two customers wearing masks today. Staff only wearing gloves. Apart from that, social distancing seems not to be a thing.
At the tills you can infect 50 – 100 peeps with one swift achoo! … easily. I didn’t. No panic. But I was spritzed again with hand sanitizer … after I payed and was on my way out to the parking lot.

Ok, gotz food for a couple days, so we can self-quarantine and just adapt to the situation. That’s what humans do, isn’t it? We adapt. Although me’s gotta leave the house again tomorrow or monday, for I totally forgot to buy margarine, pita bread, noodles and muesli.

And life is just no fun without pasta. 😦


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